1. Wendy @ New Moms Talk says December 24, 2013


    Love the timing of this, as we’re hoping to head to IKEA in 2 days. (Our nearest is 3 hours away vs. 10 minutes like it used to be.)

    On my list is…

    *FILUR recycling bin ( We have 1 for cloth wipes, but another is needed for the other bathroom. The smaller size fits very well next to the toilet, which means Susanna’s less likely to pull out all of the wipes!

    *GLADLYNT puppets ( Our girl loves puppets, so for $3.99, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of story and music time with these!

    *MULA crane with magnetic blocks ( This is a “we’ll see if she/we like(s) it in the store” purchase. The design looks great, and Susanna loves her Little People school bus and fire truck, so maybe it’ll find it’s way home with us.

    Also, if we didn’t have one, I’d seriously consider the hand-powered flash light ( At $4.99 it’s an awesome toy and tool! Susanna loves playing with ours (from LLBean).

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