10 Things Your Kid Needs from Ikea

We’ve visited this subject before, but with a few seasons of new products between us, I figured it was high time to revisit it. 10 things you kid needs from IKEA… or at least 10 things we think are pretty great. We’ve tried, tested, and approved each of these items (both Mama + kids!) so rest assured these items will actually make your life easier, your child happier, or dare I say it, both.


one | GULLIVER crib: I’ve actually done a full review on this crib (you can see that here) but it’s been over three years, two kids, one big cross-Atlantic move, and we still love this crib for it’s simplicity, durability, and great design. And bonus, it’s under $100!

two | PYTTELILLA Sleepsack: We purchased this sleepsack to keep Oscar warm in our drafty German house, in this chilly German winter, and it’s been fantastic. It’s just thick enough to keep him warm on cold nights, but not too thick to use on some of the warmer winter evenings (we’ll definitely get a lighter one for summer). The design is super cute, and the price ($18!) is such a deal.

three | MULA Stack & Nest Cups: We just bought a second set of these since my three year old is still using them as a bath toy. They were always a favorite (in and out of the bath) for him, and since our old ones have taken up residence in the tub, we bought the new set of colors for my six month old – who loves them just as much as his brother did!

four | LEKA Baby Gym: I love, love this simple wooden baby gym for it’s beautiful design and the hack potential is fantastic. It’s a lifesaver for sure when I need a minute without a baby in my arms.

five | LILLABO train set: Truth be told, Santa brought this exact train set (shh! Don’t tell Harry) to our house on Christmas. It’s a daily-use toy at our house and I love that it’s the standard wooden train size, meaning all the Thomas trains fit perfectly on the tracks!

six | LILLABO Rug: Harry is really, really into vehicles right now and this rug ignites his little imagination. It’s low pile, which is great in case food accidentally makes it onto the rug – easy to clean!

seven | EKORRE Rocking Moose: Truth be told, we haven’t actually pulled the trigger on this purchase, but it is the first thing Harry goes for when we’re at our local IKEA. He loves it! And after seeing this lamb hack I’m suuuper tempted to finally bring it home.

eight | BLAMES High Chair: Another purchase that hasn’t happened, simply because we don’t need a high chair, but I love the simple lines of this high chair! It’s solid wood and the tray is removable for an easy cleanup. And if you don’t like the red or black it comes it – it’d make a super cute DIY hack!

nine | MALA long sleeved apron: This is absolutely meant to be an art apron, and yes, it’s been used as such, but it’s so much more multipurpose than that! Think: messy toddler eating, water table playing when it’s not so hot outside, etc. And under $5!

ten | PATRULL Bathmat: Harry loves this “elligator” bathmat, and I love that it keeps him safe in our slippery tub. Also great? The $5 price tag.


  1. Cassandra Eastman says March 1, 2016

    I read your review on the Gulliver crib when I was pregnant with baby #3. I love the modern look as well as the price so we decided to purchase it. Our little guy is 11 months old now and we still LOVE it! I’m so happy to be following.

    1. Mallory says March 9, 2016

      We’re still so in love with that crib. I’m glad we could recommend it to you!!

  2. willumson says March 21, 2016

    Thank you so much! There is someone out there feeling the same way as I do! So lonely. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I greatly need a mommy friend as we recently moved but it is so hard getting together, with nap schedules and colds!

  3. Stiven says March 21, 2016

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