1. The Wise Baby | UPPAbaby says February 14, 2014

    […] VISTA is a single stroller, accommodates a growing family, includes a bassinet — all in one! No wonder it is praised on the list of “5 awesome multifunctional baby products.” Read more […]

  2. Tam says February 14, 2014

    In the same vein as the UppaBaby Vista, I love the Babyjogger City Select for being a travel system that goes from accommodating an infant all the way through to child stage, and being flexible enough to accommodate a second child as well.

  3. […] bonus worth mentioning is all of the functions of the Vista – check them out in our best of multifunctional baby products […]

  4. […] I helped a good friend register the other day and my first question was – what is your baby gear philosophy?  In other words, do you want it all? or only the must have’s?  And her response, was “only the gear I absolutely need”.  This conversation inspired me to rework and update the minimalist baby registry guide.   Since our last guide, I have taken even more “stuff” off the list because at the end of the day a lot of “stuff” is nice to have instead of must have.  Expect this list to be pared way down from some of our other guides but don’t worry, we aren’t compromising function one bit.  What is your baby gear philosophy? (ps, another post worth checking out on multifunctional baby gear). […]

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