1. Wendy @ New Moms Talk says July 16, 2013

    Oh, I love our Graco SnugRide 35. Our girl is in the 99th % for height and 54th % for weight and she still has lots of room in it at 7.5 months (29 inches and 17.5 lbs) Yes, it’s heavy, but we like it a lot.

    My hub even transformed it into a swing under a loft bed due to space restraints. Think rope, sailors knots, loft bed, S-clips, and a creative mind with a parent on hand always. It was awesome and super safe! We tested ourselves on the rope-S clips-and bed before we attached the car seat. It held us fine and we weigh more than 17.5 lbs for sure!

    On the smaller items, I wish I would have asked for a few Touch and Feel books. We received some lovely books, but the Touch and Feel ones are such a huge hit right now. Also, Hello Animals! and Hello Bugs! are continuous must reads with Susanna that I’d recommend them to anyone.

    Baby registries are such a matter of research-hope-learn, no?

  2. Megan says July 16, 2013

    Every single one of these items was on our registry and the only one that I dont’ regret is the Pack n Play! Our biggest regrets were also the swing and the graco infant seat. The swing was just way too big and our son didn’t like it at all (at 2.5 he STILL doesn’t like to swing lol) and the infact seat was heavy but also he grew out of it SO fast. We had him in a convertable seat by 6mo because he was getting too heavy to carry in the infant seat and he was getting too big 🙂

    I also regret registering for a fancy/expensive activity mat because it was used for such a short period of time – once my son was able to roll and crawl he totally lost interest in it.

  3. Jamalyn says July 16, 2013

    Our little guy hated the mommaroo but loved the fisher price swing, he needed to go faster 🙂 We love our breeze pack and play though and co-sleeper.

  4. Jennifer says July 16, 2013

    It’s so funny how every baby is different! We just brought our little guy home Sunday and so far he loves the Fisher Price swing (dozing away in it as we speak) and I couldn’t imagine how we would manage w/ out our Pack N Play. We got one w/ the sleeper and changing pad on top bc our Master is on a different floor then his nursery so this has been a life saver (especially since I am recovering from a C-section and can’t take stairs anyways).

    I am interested to see what as we move along in this journey what things we will regret or come to love. We got the Graco 35 as well and I am nervous to see how I will manage carrying that thing as he gets heavier!!

  5. Marlena says July 30, 2013

    I couldn’t have lived without our swing. Both kids loved it. We did get the snug n ride 32 (I think that is the model). It served us well for both kids and was pretty light weight, only regret was not paying attention to the kind of restraint. The strap adjustments are in the back and not the convient pull strap in the front. We didn’t really need a pck n play either. Both kids hated being in it.

  6. Nadia B. says August 3, 2013

    SO glad I read this because although I did not put Maclaren volo on my registry, I was contemplating it for a trip to cali. We bought an uppababy vista and after spending so much, it feels foolish to spend another $150-$200 on a to-go piece that we aren’t sure how often we will use! Plus, borrowing a friend’s snap n go sounds sooo much more attractive.

    As for the swing, my boy LOVED it from day 1 till about 3 months with the different speeds and sounds. He also talks to the birds haha but now he cannot wait to jump out.. like really tries to jump out

    I also love our co-sleeper bassinet! I think it’s Kolcraft. They make it pretty AND functional so we were impressed!

    We bought the adoraaable Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat in Platinum and LOVE it. Although our little Z can only be in until he’s 22 pounds, I still loved it.

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  8. Shera says December 9, 2013

    We got hand-me-downs of a lot of baby items when our daughter was born – including a swing and a vibrating chair. The Swing never went over well for us and the vibrating chair was such a hassle to clean every time there was a blow-out or spit up.
    We also got a hand-me-down high chair with fabric cover… again, a pain to take off clean and replace between feeding times.
    Best registry item in our book – Moby Wrap… it got me started on babywearing and is great for travel. We live in a place that is NOT conducive to strollers.

  9. Lynn says January 30, 2014

    I’ve been struggling with whether or not to get the beautiful bassinet… we have plenty of space for it but I wonder if it’s as safe as the co-sleeper. Which co-sleeper did you use? I’ve seen a few different ones…

  10. Amy says March 18, 2014

    As a mom of 2 (and hopefully more someday) I have looked back at all the baby items I thought I wanted/needed with my first baby and finally bit the bullet with my 2nd and bought the items I REALLY wanted, regardless of their price. I tell every expectant parent I meet the three items to really invest in are the Crib, Stroller and Convertible Car Seat.
    I registered for a cute but cheap Delta crib from Target. Cheap is the word here. It wobbled, the wheels fell off and when my second was around 18 months it collapsed on her. I threw it away that day. If I had registered for a higher quality crib this wouldn’t have been a problem.
    I also fell into the trap of buying the box travel system. I started off with an Evenflo Journey system, the stroller was ok for the price, but it was also poor quality. The wheel broke off and bent the frame and the car seat was a pain. It always stuck to the stroller and base and the harness was horrible to adjust! I then tried a Safety First travel system, a Kolcraft stroller (older), and a very small Kolcraft umbrella stroller. I didn’t like Graco then (9 years ago) so I never bothered buying one of those. Before I knew it I was on the market for a double stroller. There are some amazing options now but back then it was a Toss up between the Graco and Evenflo tandem strollers. I settled on the Evenflo and quickly took it back and splurged on a Maclaren side by side double. It was heaven, but my baby was still a newbie so when the Kolcraft Contours double came out, I also bought that. It was pretty cool back then but there are some really nice doubles on the market today. I also purchased a Peg Perego P3 for the days I only had one child with and my son loved the ride on the steps. It was one of the best investments I ever made. I also found a “like new” Peg Perego Uno on eBay for $80!!! These are two strollers I will never part with and will be saving till I have grand babies and beyond.
    Now as for the car seats. For infant seats I started with Evenflo, and then a Safety First for my son before moving him to the Evenflo Titan convertible. Ugh all of those were extremely difficult to use. When my daughter was born I tried a Combi infant seat for about two days, it didn’t install correctly and was too big for my 6lb baby, not sure of the model as it is no longer in the market. I had had it with these extremely difficult to use items and went out and bought my son the Britax Roundabout and the Chicco Keyfit 22 (they didn’t have the 30 then) for the baby. I never went back to the cheaper brands after that. When my daughter outgrew the infant seat I purchased the Britax Marathon and Decathlon, loved them both and they were so worth the $$$. I also bought a Recaro Como on clearance, it was very nice, but the cover didn’t hold up well. We also purchased the Britax Frontier, Parkway and Recaro Vivo. Loved them all.

    If I were buying items for a new baby today, I would go to a big baby store and test out all the cribs, find one that converts to a toddler, day bed or full bed frame. I wouldn’t bother with a changing table, a dresser with a pad on top works, but honestly the diapers were changed on the floor 99% of the time.

    My go to infant seat would be the Chicco Keyfit30 paired up with the Chicco Liteway Plus. I also really like the Graco Breeze Click Connect with whichever Graco infant seat you like. But with that being said, I do not recommend travel systems, I believe babies should have room to stretch and not be confined to a car seat while you shop or go for a walk. These two strollers listed above work great by themselves, they have a full recline and an umbrella frame and fold, but they both accept the infant seats made by their companies. It really is ingenious but something I would only use as a travel system for quick trips. The Britax and Peg Perego infant seats are also worth looking into. They are very, very nice.
    For convertible car seats my first pick would be the new Chicco Nexfit. It is a dream, really. So worth every penny. All of the Britax seats also make the list. With that being said, there are many wonderful convertibles on the market that offer just as many options, prices, colors, and each brand will continue to improve over the years, so really the choice is yours, it’s just worth the investment.
    Now as for strollers, I prefer a real stroller with the “carriage” style option that lies completely flat so my newborn has room to stretch out and nap and so my toddler can nap comfortably. I want to be able to push my baby and see her without her being stuck in that car seat for hours. The infant seats really are made for the car not for pushing your baby around in the stroller. I am already saving up for the Mama’s and Papa’s Sola or the Urbo (love the add on bassinet. A.k.a. Carrycot for the Urbo) Even though i am not pregnant. I also like the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller. When deciding what kind of stroller to buy I always ask myself what it will be used for, for the most part it is used at the mall, cracked sidewalks, uneven grounds at the park and visits to the county fairs, zoos, etc… The strollers I listed (notice the wheels) FLOAT over EVERYTHING. I would buy a dedicated jogging stroller if you wanted to run/jog though, I had the Valco Runabout. There are also MANY options for strollers. But there are a few things to remember, they are not all created equally, test out every brand you can (yes drive 100 miles if you have to) and remember the higher quality products will always have a higher return of investment and will hold up longer and trust me, the more unique your stroller is, the more in awe passerby’s will be and the faster it will sell (if you decide to sell it).
    I had a bassinet. I loved mine and used it for the first three months, but I also had a Moses basket and ended up moving my daughters crib into my room because my son always woke her up. Today I would invest in a video baby monitor and transition baby into the nursery ASAP, but would still get a Moses basket.
    I never bothered with a pack and play. The grandparents had one which is great, but I would invest in a travel cot if I needed something for traveling.
    My children loved the Fisher Price Cradle Swing, but they now make a small travel version that still offers both swinging options on a smaller frame. They are also other brands that have the cradle feature and ones that are a swing and bouncer The Mamaroo is nice, but pretty expensive for the time you will use it. I see a lot of parents selling these before their baby is even 6-8 months old.
    I tried many bouncy seats as well and the one I liked best was the Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker.

    I second the Moby Wrap. So comfortable, so easy, so amazing.

    I registered for a traditional style high chair from Target (J Mason) that was $40 and I just sold it a few months ago. It held up extremely well, looked new the day I sold it and folded up really small, it was 9 years old. If I could do it again though, I would register for the Chicco Polly High Chair. I bought this for my daughter and I just loved it and used the cheaper one at my parents.

    I would register for more crib sheets and a couple mattress pads, you can go through quite a few in a night sometimes.
    Also I would register for more flannel receiving blankets. I used these as burp rags, towels, changing mats and for swaddling.
    Whether or not I registered for it, I would purchase one bottle from Avent and Mam. These were the best bottles ever. Even if you plan on breast feeding it doesn’t hurt to have some bottles incase something happens. Most feeding accessories can be skipped, but two to consider are the Avent bottle brush and the dishwasher baskets. Everything else really isn’t needed. You do not need a bottle warmer, formula maker, sterilizer- a pot of boiling water is free and is what people did before they said you NEEDED this sterilizing contraption, and you can wait on sippys, plates and feeding utensils. Also a food processor or hand mixer works great for making your own baby food. You do not need the expensive Baby Bullet. They sell small sized freezer safe containers that work great.
    I would not register or purchase an infant bathtub. I used one of those mesh slings and one of those foam bathing things you lay the baby on (sorry I have no idea what they are called). I used these in the bathtub or the kitchen sink. It worked so much better than that hard baby tub.
    I would register for a Jumperoo of some sort. They have a lot of options/brands. They always kept my babies entertained.

    I would also ask for gift cards for baby diapers (if you are not using cloth). Personally I would register for the Pampers Sensitive wipes, and Pampers Swaddlers diapers (regular or sensitive diapers). Ask for a gift receipt on these items or if you purchase them yourself get a gift receipt and tape it to the package. If you do not like them, if they cause reactions or are the wrong size, returning them will be much easier.

    My babies both loved the Mam pacifiers, but every baby is different. And as opposed as some may be to pacifiers, they sure do help calm those little guys down and save you from being sucked raw just for the sake of sucking.
    Definitely register for Aquaphor and Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment.
    The important thing to remember when registering is you are probably not going to get all the expensive gear you want. Unless you have some really amazing friends; your parents, grandparents or relatives are probably going to be the ones who buy you the bigger items. And depending on their financial situation it may or may not be as much as you want. Most people invited to baby showers love to buy the cute baby outfits, toys, blankets, bottles, diapers lotions, etc… I always advise all parents to start saving up for the big gear and furniture as soon as they find out they are pregnant or before if planning. Like I mentioned earlier, the crib, convertible car seat and stroller should be the biggest investments you make. They will be used the most, used the longest and put to the test daily. The other investments you should make now, college savings and Lifelock or credit protection for your child. Identity theft of children is on the rise and actually surpasses adult identity theft. Now that’s scary.
    Man that was a book. I should’ve blogged that but I do not even have a blog. :-/

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  12. Sonya says December 8, 2014

    My husband and I will be first time parents in April 2015 and we are trying to work on our baby registry. I found this so helpful! Just a quick question, do you think it will be better to just have a crib instead having a bassinet and a crib? Is it worth it?

  13. Molly says January 17, 2016

    I’m a little tardy to the party but just ran across this post on Pinterest! I have 1 question I hope you’ll be able to answer – do you feel that the Bugaboo Donkey has been worth its cost in your experience? My husband and I are back and forth on it. I love the storage, versatility and the fact that it has more long term usability than a lot of other strollers do without being just totally a double stroller with no other option. But since we are expecting our first child, I have no idea what our needs will really be or when our next will be on the way.

  14. Ameliaweights says June 27, 2016

    We cannot speak highly enough about the chicco keyfit 30. It was our big splurge and I’d never use another infant seat ever! Our baby was a projectile puker and explosive pooper. In the 17 months she used that seat I bet I dismantled and washed it 20 or more times. By the time i handed it down to my sister it still looked brand new. She used it for 2 kids and it still looked so new she felt bad throwing it out because it was expired. We also bought the matching chicco cortina and i would never buy it again. Very very heavy and we quickly learned that almost everywhere we went had a cart or something so we rarely used the stroller. Also the cortina has weird wing or headrest things and by the time she was 18 months our daughters shoulders didn’t fit in between them rendering it very uncomfortable. We literally used our swing to death. We had a fisher price with an alleged 25 lb weight limit but quit moving at 15lbs. Fisher price sent us all kinds of replacement parts but the swing never did move more than 15lbs and we were forced to buy 2 more (secondhand) swings for our swing addicted baby. She hated the vibrating bouncy chair and was only ever in it long enough to poop all over it. Lol. We used the pack n play more as a baby gate than as a portable bed or play yard. If/when we have another baby I’ve sworn I’ll buy a chicco keyfit 30, a snap n go stroller frame and a portable swing and nothing else. Lol


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