1. Leigh says July 6, 2012

    The co-sleeper never really worked well for us, but the Rock ‘n Play was a lifesaver. I could hear her beginning to stir and could reach and arm out and rock her back to sleep without getting out of bed.

  2. Robyn says July 6, 2012

    Very insightful information!!!!

  3. Sarah says July 8, 2012

    Love this write up, So much great info! I have never seen one of these, but it sure looks like something I should have used. We used a bassinet that I could not see in while laying down in bed (major downfall). This product however looks wonderful! Thanks!!

  4. jennifer says November 8, 2012

    What do most parents do at month 5? I’ve been curious about this. We are trying to have a baby and are interested in co-sleeping–but are unclear where baby sleeps after he or she outgrows this bassinet.

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