1. anna lea says January 30, 2013

    Dr Browns saved the day for us, no more windy writhing about whilst trying to feed

  2. Lindsey Langley says January 30, 2013

    We started with the Tommie tippee and found that not only did the nipple collapse and want to go inward, but the bottles often leaked. Not sure why, maybe continued user error? We agree its hard to get the lady ounce out. The anti colic version has additional internal parts to clean like the dr browns. Actually, it ended up have one part MORE to clean than dr browns if you got the sensitive tummy ones. Since we didn’t see a difference with our colicky son, we switched to dr browns at our pediatrician suggestion. We have no more issue with colic! The bottles are great and relatively easy to clean even though there are extra parts! Highly recommended…btw, dr browns are buy one get one 50% off at target through this weekend! With the stainless steel ones how do you heat them? Obviously you’re not supposed to put a bottle in the microwave, but most do. And there shape doesn’t look bottle warmer friendly. Otherwise, they look like something to try!

  3. Wendy @ New Moms Talk says January 30, 2013

    Thank you for the timing of this.

    We were looking at ThinkBaby bottles, but haven’t purchased any bottles…yet. We’ve researched them, and realize there are pros/cons to each, yet it appears we might head that way.

    It’s all thanks to my husband for researching control flow bottles. Love a man who willingly researches baby stuff on a Saturday morning before his coffee!

  4. Kristi says January 30, 2013

    We use Dr. Browns. Our baby girl had acid reflux and tummy/gas problems – Dr. Browns definitely helped with these issues.
    On a side note, the initial reason we bought Dr. Browns bottles was because they make a preemie nipple. Our baby was born early (she was 5lbs 4oz) and she had trouble keeping up with the flow of a regular newborn nipple. Dr. Browns preemie nipple was the only nipple that worked for our baby. We stayed witht the preemie nipple for several months once we realized the slow flow of this preemie nipple also helped with her acid reflux. She is now a healthy 7 month old – we still use Dr. Browns (we are now using the level 2 nipple) .

  5. Joanna says January 30, 2013

    We started out using breastflo, since it was recommended to us to be similar to an actual breast (by our lactation nurse) and we are breastfeeding about 80% of the time. We had major reflux issues with our son, so we tried Dr. Browns. While it seemed to help, the cleaning was a bit of a pain (but worth it if necessary). I realized I had a box of tommee tippee bottles from my shower that I meant to return that said reduces colic. So we figured we would try them out. For our son, they were just as good as Dr. Brown’s with limited cleanup. The nipple inversion does happen, but not that often and we just pop it back out. I didn’t think we would be, but we are really happy with tommee tippee.

  6. Casey says February 4, 2013

    We use Dr. Brown’s and have been very happy with them. However, we chose the glass version of the Dr. Brown’s bottle, which is available at Babies R Us, etc. We have have loved their glass bottles and highly recommend them! It’s the best of both worlds!

  7. Veronica says June 8, 2013

    Have you done any research on avent natural?

  8. M says October 29, 2013

    Playex nursers are getting overlooked these days. The collapsible liners prevent (not reduce) air from getting into your baby and you only have to wash nipples (no foul smelling bottles in the diaper bag or kitchen sink), they don’t have nipples too long nearly gagging the baby, and the designs prevents milk from running down the baby’s chin and neck. So many more benefits than named. What a difference on my kids and grandkids!

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  10. Heather says June 2, 2014

    Interesting review.
    Having had a colicy first child, I chose to try the Dr. Brown’s bottles in additional to several other types & brands. I’ve ended up storing all the others and using the Dr. Brown’s exclusively.
    After reading countless reviews, I’ve bought and tried several other types/brands. All bottles other than the Dr. Browns created suction. The nipples would collapse, resulting in leaks and a frustrated, gassy baby. I would have to remove the bottle from his mouth to get the air (and bubbles)to go back into the bottle so he could start sucking again. The gas in his belly would last hours-making him uncomfortable and disrupting his sleep. (equals tired, cranky Mommy)
    The Dr. Brown’s were the only bottles that I didn’t have that problem with. My son is able to feed continuously and comfortably with a consistent flow and no air bubbles. Our feedings are cleaner, relaxing, and more comfortable.

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  12. Jenny says January 1, 2017

    I love DR. BROWN’S . I tried 3 different brand, stop eating dairy and tried different brand formulas until I start using Dr. Brown’s bottles. My baby do not suffer anymore of anything. I recommended it


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