1. Sara McCarty says April 22, 2014

    This is the stroller we chose too, for many of the same reasons and we’ve been really happy with it. We had an initial problem with the front wheel brake locking, but Baby Jogger sent us a replacement and we haven’t had an issue since. It’s really light and easy to collapse. It doesn’t take up much room and it seems pretty comfortable for the baby. We also purchased the parent console with the cupholder and I would consider it a must. Also agree that the bottom basket is really hard to use when the kid is in the stroller.

  2. Alexis L says April 22, 2014

    I echo Sara’s comments almost exactly (except for the front wheel issue). Parent console is a must. I also think the rain shield is a must in Chicago. I keep it in the bottom basket at all times because you never know what the weather will be like here. It goes on easily and keeps my little guy really dry.

  3. Erica says April 22, 2014

    I’m curious… when you say that it’s not a jogging stroller, does that mean that it can’t be used as a jogging stroller, or just that you wouldn’t limit its use to jogging? I’m looking for a good compact, easily collapsible jogger. Thanks!

    1. Cari says April 22, 2014

      @ Erica- the city mini is not intended to be used for jogging, despite being a stroller made by Baby Jogger.

      1. visit my site says December 23, 2015

        This is ideal for families with twins. Since the seats are in the same line, the twins are made sit together and face one direction. This is advantageous for parents since they can easily feed both babies. The convenience also applies to activities such as changing clothes and diapers. This seating arrangement also promotes a better bonding between the twins since they can see each other easily. This way, they can play together and share toys.

    2. Megan says April 23, 2014

      @Erica–You might want to check out the BOB Revolution CE or SE or the Graco jogger. You should be able to find reviews for all of them on WiseBaby in the stroller section 🙂

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  5. jessica says October 6, 2015

    Those tires look really sturdy! I love the color of this stroller, too!


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