1. Cari says July 13, 2015

    I absolutely love my City Select. We have had it for 2 years and primarily use it as a single (we only have 1 child, but we nanny share, so our nanny uses it as a double) and it is great. The storage is a lifesaver. I think getting some type of parent console is a MUST so that you can have easy access to a beverage, your phone and a few other key items.

  2. Janica says August 20, 2015

    Hi there! Would you recommend this City Select double stroller or the Joovy Too Qool? I am expecting my 2nd this November and my oldest will be 18 months. Since you have experience with both (aside from testing it out at the store), which simply makes your life easier? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  3. Katie says January 8, 2016

    When both seats are in, does the stroller still fold easily? Or do you need to remove the second seat in order for fold and store in a vehicle? Thank you!

    1. leanne says March 4, 2016


      What stroller would you recommend for a new baby and a 2.5 yr old?

      this or the bugaboo donkey?


  4. Roland van Kaauwen says September 24, 2017

    I have read about this and all the comment seem positive, but what is the feedback regarding use in a play ground ?? I see it works on rough terrain, but how do the little wheels work in a sand box or through loose gravel in a playground ??
    Speaking from experience with other small wheeled strollers they tend to dig into the loose sand/gravel.
    I would really love to hear other users input on this question.


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