Baby Shower Gifts: A Sleepy Baby Theme

Before I had kids myself, I wanted to have cute gifts for birthdays and baby showers. Since having twins myself, I have realized that there is a place for cute gifts, but there is something so fantastic about practical gifts as well. After all, when you have a newborn, how many stuffed animals does that baby actually need?

That being said, I started thinking, “Can’t we combine both cute AND functional? And can we do that and stay in a budget?” I decided to come up with a series of baby shower gifts over the next couple months. Each theme will have three approximate budgets: $30, $50, and $100. This will hopefully match every budget and give you some ideas.

Before you start shopping based on my recommendations, I would highly encourage you to check your soon-to-be mama’s registry. Although these are products that I like and recommend, there is a reason she spent hours on her swollen feet, roaming the aisles of her baby store with a registry scanner in hand, trying to hold off on hobbling over to the restroom. If at all possible, get the items that she has requested, as she has probably registered for them for a reason. Hopefully, though, she used our registry guides to help her.

Baby Shower Gift Sleepy Baby Theme $30 Budget


If you are on a limited budget, you can still get some great items with a theme. We have loved using the skills from our HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK DVD, which include the 5 S’s: swaddling, side position, swinging, shushing, and sucking. We have also included something to help with “sucking” (AVENT SOOTHIES) and “shushing” (HOMEDICS ON-THE-GO SOUND MACHINE). Put it in a cute bag, and you have an instant themed gift.

Baby Shower Gift Sleepy Baby Theme $50 Budget


If you have a little more money to spend, these are some great, useful gifts that go along with our Sleep Baby theme. First of all, you can pick a crib sheet off of the registry, and that will set the theme for the rest of the items. Next, you can pick out a swaddle sack (we love the SUMMER INFANT SWADDLEME), which come in an incredible assortment of colors and patterns. Finally, you can not only get an adorable stuffed animal, but by getting the BUNNIES BY THE BAY PLUSH, you can also get a pacifier holder (just check the description to make sure that is what you are purchasing, as some don’t have the pacifier holder part). Our twins loved these loveys for the car, and it adds a great boutique feel without the boutique price.

Baby Shower Gift Sleepy Baby Theme $100 Budget

If you have a larger budget, you can create an entire presentation with your gifts as well. With the exception of the Moses Basket (with two babies, this didn’t make much sense for us), we have used each of these items and loved them equally. We now have 5 WUBBANUBS in different areas of our house and cars for different purposes. We still use the HOMEDICS WHITE NOISE MACHINE constantly at night, and we love how easy it is to travel with it. In our opinion, you can’t beat CARTER’S SLEEPWEAR for comfort and cuteness. Although we were unable to use the ADEN + ANAIS SWADDLE BLANKETS for too long (before the babies started breaking out of them), they remain a favorite blankie for playtime, traveling in the car, and as a sun shield when out and about. As the twins start being able to sleep with blankets, these will be our first that are allowed in the crib.

I also wanted to show an example of how you could style these items to create an all-over look:

Example Baby Shower Gift Sleepy Baby Theme $100 Budget

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