Bloom Alma Mini Crib Review

Lindsey posted recently on some great newborn sleep options and I wanted to expand on my love of and personal experience with the Bloom Alma Mini Crib. I knew that Harrison sleep in our room for a while but we live in a pretty small city condo. It was just a matter of finding the perfect bassinet/mini crib. These were some of my requirements:

1) I wanted to be able to rock Harrison to sleep. I had this grand plan to lay him down drowsy and gently rock him to teach him to sooth himself.  (This was a total bust. We held him to sleep for 8 months. But with the next baby this is still my plan!)

2) We had an unruly bulldog and a curious cat at the time we brought Harrison home and I did not want either to be able to get in the bassinet or knock it over by accident. So it had to be off the ground and sturdy.

3) Lastly, I wanted the bassinet that had slats. In Illinois there is a law against bumpers and it made me very nervous to use anything without a breathable side.

On my search for this perfect bassinet, I kept coming across the Alma Mini in the pictures of many of my favorite New York based blogs. I decided this was the perfect solution to my list of requirements. I could not have been happier with my choice!

Alma Mini Crib review

– The crib is about 38” long, 20” wide, and 33” high


– When folded it’s 10” wide (no length was provided)

– There are two adjustable heights for the mattress

– four lockable wheels

– low voc finishes

– formaldehyde-free adhesives

– mdf-free

Safe: As a first-time mom, I could not have found a piece of gear that I felt better about for Harrison to sleep in. The guidelines state baby should be placed on their backs on a firm sleeping surface in the parents room (please read here for detailed guidelines). With the Alma Mini crib, baby sleeps safely on a firm mattress, just like in a full sized crib. It has slats on all four sides providing ample airflow. Unlike some other options, the Alma mini is sturdy. I didn’t have to worry about the construction or one of our animals jumping in or knocking it down. Lastly, I wanted a brand that made their products with safe materials. Bloom uses low VOC paint, formaldehyde free adhesives, and is MDF-free.

Size: Any urban parent will truly appreciate the compact size of this crib. It’s small enough to fit in the bedroom (or a closet or bathroom) and yet big enough to be comfortable for a baby up to around a year old, or whenever they reach 35”. Many other compact sleep options have pretty low weight limits. While pack n plays have a higher weight limit and last longer, they are also much larger.
The Alma Mini also has two settings for the mattress so when baby is sitting up you can drop down the mattress, like in a standard crib. This provides much more life expectancy than other options. It really functions like a petite crib.

Travel: When I first saw that this was a “travel crib” I thought I would be checking it at the airport like a piece of luggage, um not the case. However it is great for traveling around a one story apartment, which is how it is intended to be used. It fits easily through tight door ways and through skinny hallways. I really liked that when I was transitioning Harrison from our room, to his bedroom, I could just wheel the entire Alma Mini Crib in there for naps, and then return him to our room at night. It is very compact when folded and can be stored in a closet fairly easily. I have loaned this out to two other friends and it’s so much easier to transport the Alma than a full sized crib! It can be easily collapsed and fits securely in a travel bag. It’s heavy when doing stairs, but otherwise not bad! Because it’s easy to collapse and compact, it’s a great crib for a grandparent to purchase.

Design: When you live in small quarters with a child and all your baby stuff is in the wide open, it doesn’t hurt if they look good. The Alma Mini is a modern all wood crib and is available in five finishes. I love the style!

Wheels: I really intended to rock Harrison in the Alma Mini. Our wheels were pretty stiff. We tried spraying the wheels with olive oil and WD40. I believe Alma Mini even sent us a new set (this was three years ago!). As you can imagine, this also made navigating around our condo a little tough. I have tried it out at a store recently and it seemed like the wheels were MUCH better! And even with our wheel dilemma, I am still a HUGE fan.

Heavy: Like I mentioned, I really thought this was a travel crib so I was a bit disappointed by the weight. We live at the top of a three flat (lots of stairs) and this is pretty hard to get up and down the stairs. If you live in an elevator building, then awesome! But if you have a multi level floor, you won’t be taking this up and down the stairs daily.

Price: The crib itself is a more expensive bassinet option at +/- $340. To that base price add a mattress, two mattress protectors, two crib sheets, and the travel bag (I find this handy to keep all the parts organized, for storage and transportation). I have been very happy with my purchase, but it is a consideration for a crib that will be used temporarily.

We used the Bloom Alma Mini Crib for over 8 Months with Harrison and couldn’t have been happier with our purchase. Harrison could have slept in there for a bit longer, but we moved him into his room and had already had his crib in there. I think this is the best option for a small urban space or if you are looking for a crib/bassinet to keep baby in the room with you. Even with my faulty wheels and the price tag I could not have been happier with our purchase. It brought us so much peace of mind to have Harrison in the bedroom with us in a safe and compact crib!

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