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Breastfeeding Accessories

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On Tuesday, we did a lengthy post and review about breast pumps and we didn’t cover the necessary breastfeeding accessories that go along with breastfeeding and pumping.  We definitely highly recommend the items on this list but ultimately it comes down to personal preference.  Which accessories are you planning on purchasing or which do you suggest?

hands free pumping bra

This less than sexy undergarment is a game changer in the world of pumping.  When your time is already limited it’s great to have your hands free to have a quick bite to eat, check email (write a blog!) or soothe your little one.  We suggest purchasing two or three of these guys.




breast pads and lanolin

Both breast pads and Lanolin are absolute must haves.  Breast pads come in two varieties – disposable and non disposable. We’ve reviewed the Lilypadz and are big fans and the glycerin coated Soothies by Lansinoh are also a great.  As your breasts heal, you may find the disposable more handy.  We recommend trying out both varieties and choosing the one that is best for you.

Lanolin is a lifesaver.  Applied after every feeding it helps to heal and soothe sore breasts.  We suggest Lanolin by  Lansinoh but there are plenty of other varieties out there.                                                                       Warning, it does stain clothing so apply carefully.

breast milk storage

Most “on the go” breast pumps come with a cooler and a few extra storage bottles.  In the event that it does not and if you plan to be away from your baby or a refrigerator longer than the six hours recommended by the La Leche League add a cooler and storage bottles to your must have list.

You’ll also need storage for home for both freezer and refrigerator.  Storage options come in both BPA free bottle form and bag form.  Purchasing a set like the one shown is a great way to get all the must haves.

steam clean bags

These bags are great – just add water as directed, microwave and you have sterilized your pump pieces. The nifty thing is each bag gets up to 20 uses and it works great for bottles and bottle pieces too. You don’t have to sterilize the parts after each use but it is definitely a good idea a couple times a week or as you feel necessary.



extra parts

We definitely suggest having at least one back up set of tubing, breast shields and valves and would suggest having multiple membranes on hand too. Believe me, when you realize you’re missing a membrane at 2am or if your tubing tears (both of which have happened to me) you’ll be glad you have a spare set. As mentioned, most breast pumps come with extra bottles but if not, grab a few of those too.



nursing pillow

We’ve reviewed and recommend the My Brest Friend but there are other options like the Boppy.  Regardless of which you choose we highly suggest making the purchase.  These pillows are designed to help correctly position the baby while keeping them and you comfortable.  We’d definitely suggest an extra cover or two.  Bottom line, this is an investment you’ll be glad you made.



There you have it you’re must have breastfeeding accessories – do you have any must haves we left off our list?


  1. Alicia

    Those nifty sterilizer bags sound great!! I’ve never seen them before. Will definitely have to check them out!!!

    Posted on August 3, 2012
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