1. Stephanie says March 17, 2014

    This review was oh so helpful, and at perfect timing for me! I’m currently shopping for a convertible car seat for my soon-to-be one year old and was looking at the Boulevard, but you’ve convinced me to go for the Pavilion instead! Question — is this the “Calgary” color? I’m trying to pick the best fabric/color in terms of keeping him cool in the summer and keeping it clean. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Kay says March 18, 2014

      Remember, Babies R Us price matches so check out other stores/ for a cheaper price & bring it in store!

  2. Megan says March 17, 2014

    Thank you for all you do! It’s helped guide me a ton! This review happened at the perfect time! I’m looking at the pavilions and I see a couple different ones. A 70-G3, and a G4. Do you know what the difference is and what is the one you have?

  3. Ying says June 18, 2015

    Hi, Lindsey,
    While shopping for a convertible car seat, I came across this post. I must say you did an excellent job!
    However I do have two questions and hope you can help me.
    My first question is how useful the convertible car seat is for a newborn? I am going to have my first one, so at this time point, I can’t judge whether I should go with an infant car seat or a convertible one. It seems the rear-facing function is almost equivalent.
    My second question is whether there is any infant insert going with this car seat? I read reviews for other convertibles, such as the chicco one, and noticed people mentioning an infant insert. So I am wondering whether this Britax one also has such a feature.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read my comment and answer my questions.



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