1. Allison says September 29, 2014

    We have the super cheap Graco Fast Fold, and it is a super bumpy ride and almost impossible to maneuver over gravel, potholes, basically anything but the smoothest terrain. So, yes, this is an expensive stroller, but if you are going to splurge on only one baby item, I would say go with a great stroller!

  2. […] things first, after showing up to New York City with my side by side double, I quickly realized I needed an inline double stroller, with two full size seats and lots of […]

  3. […] fixed, meaning you don’t have any other seat configuration options you do with some other side by side strollers.  However, as mentioned above, you can easily add an infant car seat adapter (which we did when we […]

  4. keri says September 9, 2015

    I have to ask….. Which double do you honestly prefer, the Donkey or City Select? I currently own both (just bought the donkey yesterday). I wanted to love the City Select when we got it, but I just don’t , I kick the bar when I walk and you really need two hands to maneuver even when going straight on flat terrain. Curbs also pose a challenge. I am having a bit of buyers remorse over the price of the Donkey because I am worried that I am not going to LOVE it. I want to love it for that price. I feel like I should wait to sell the City Select until I am sure.

  5. Dee says October 9, 2016

    I’ve purchased the bugaboo donkey for my daughter who is having twins. My question is …. how many choices do you have for car seats that are compatable with this stroller. I only know of the Maxi Cosi.

  6. Zooey says March 26, 2017

    We’re also using this stroller, we bought it when our girl was one year old and used it as mono. We knew that we will have more children very soon so it was good investment for us and we didn’t regret that we spent so much money on it. Now our daughter is 3 and rides in it rarely, but our twins love it. They are 8 m.o. so we just switched the bassinets for regular seats. I agree with you, folding is not convenient. After 2 years of using this stroller I’m still not used to this mechanism. We are also using different strollers for travels, Donkey is actually too big for that 🙁 But we like it anyway, it has served us perfectly for these 2 years.


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