1. Megan says April 8, 2014

    Man, do I love the look of this carseat! I think if was usable from birth I would be completely sold on it!!

  2. Betsy says April 8, 2014

    What kind of SUV do you have?

    We are in the market for a convertible carseat for our BIG little boy (27lbs and about as long at 6 months) so I want one that is sized right for him to grow. So that and everything you Pro here make me want a Foonf!! But I have a CRV (and a 4dr. Civic) and I’m worried the Foonf is too big (height and length)

    1. Praveen says April 8, 2014

      Betsy. If you can test it out, I would highly recommend doing so. In Chicago Galt Baby carries the Foonf, and they’re more than happy to place it in your car so you can get a feel for the size etc.

    2. Amy says April 9, 2014

      I highly suggest testing it out in your car. Men fits in my compact Kia Rio and my Corolla quite well.

      Quite a few places let you try in car, just ask. I never thought it would fit so well in my cars until I tested it out.


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