1. Lindsey says March 13, 2015

    Great post Dory! This is really helpful. We had the same experience with the Tommee Tippee Silicone bibs, Margaux just didn’t find them comfortable and in the event I could keep them on her, food fell between that gap you mentioned!

    One of our favorites for the solid food stage was the Bumkin Bibs:, I found them easy to either wipe clean or throw in the washer and they can fold up super small to easily stow in a packed diaper bag!

  2. Cari says March 13, 2015

    For the milk drinking stage- the aden and anais burpy bibs were absolute life savers in our house! Mila had moderate reflux and these covered the most surface area, were super absorbent, and still gentle against her skin. I know they are pricey, but for us, they were worth the splurge. We now mostly use the Skip Hop Tuck-away bibs-while not perfect, they tuck away easily in the diaper bag and are so easy to clean.

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  4. […] in just 1 silicone bib. Our favorite (by leaps and bounds) is the Make My Day bib (as featured in this roundup post). It cleans easier than ANY other silicone bib, and the twins are just so adorable in their jewels […]

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