1. KM says July 18, 2012

    I’ve never used the RNP but after hearing about so many amazing testimonials about it, I really wanted one….that is…until I read through the reviews on Amazon. The reviews are definitely mixed but a lot of people complain about “flat head syndrome” after using this product. Just wanted to give you a heads up, but like I said, I don’t have any personal experience with it, so maybe people are over-reacting or Fisher Price has corrected the problem 🙂

  2. Sarah says July 18, 2012

    This looks like a great napping spot!! Love that it rocks too.

  3. Jill says July 18, 2012

    Great insight (in terms of your discussion on how you’re more keen on using this for naps rather than a bassinet alternative) into how one product can serve different needs for different families. That is definitely one happy and content baby!

  4. Maggie Perry says July 19, 2012

    This is new since my babies…seems pretty amazing! Love that it is lightweight and seems easy to transport.

  5. Amy says August 22, 2012

    We have been using the RNP for our twin boys since coming home from the NICU in February. We used it as their bassinet and loved how portable it was to move from our bedroom to the living room for their naps. I was recommending this to all new mommies and now I’m starting to feel terrible for doing it. My boys are tiny for their age, but we need to transition them to their cribs and it’s an absolute nightmare. I now have buyers remorse for every buying these and wish I would have purchased a bassinet or something else flat. It would be wonderful if these would have an adjustable recline so that we can slowly recline them more and more and get them used to falling asleep flat. Tiny Love came out with a 3-in-1 napper that was released in spring and if I had to do it over would probably have looked into those more. I think you are definately doing it the right way on just using it for naps.

  6. Nicole McDermott says September 30, 2012

    I see this product and it brings me upset. We used it with our son for daytime naps. In 4 weeks the back right side if his was completely flat. Stopped using the sleeper and while it didn’t get worse it stayed the same. At 1.5 years it is still flat and his head is misshapened. I hope the adjustments they have made work.

  7. Randi says October 14, 2012

    I absolutely love mine!! We’ve used it as a crib for the last three months so my little one could sleep beside our bed! I think it has helped with his tummy since it keeps him reclined slightly instead of flat! It especially makes me feel better since he has tummy issues so if he spits up at night he won’t choke as easily! I am have difficulty transitioning him to his pack n play and crib, but that may have something to do with him being slightly spoiled! He loves his rock n play! It’s definitely been a life saver for us!

  8. Sarah says November 7, 2012

    We love the RNP!! My little girl sleeps well in it naps and bedtime. Our bed is lower than a standard bed, so the RNP is the perfect height for her to be right next to us, and for me to get her in and out easily for her middle of the night feedings. I love that it folds up easily, and am planning on talking the RNP rather than a pack n play when we visit family for the holidays.

  9. Danelle Price says November 8, 2012

    We used the rock and play sleeper for the first 4 months. No problems with flat head but like another review, I am now trying to transition my son to his crib and it IS a NIGHTMARE!! He wakes up after 10 minutes because the crib feels so different (flat) vs the incline of the R&P. I DO NOT recommend this product.

  10. Melisa says December 26, 2012

    This was the best gift we received when our son was born in May. He is now 7 months next week and will still sit in it though I don’t leave him unattended anymore because he is starting to pull up on the sides. I would set him in it in the kitchen while I cooked or for naps or to let him look out the window…and even for some nights when he could just not get comfortable anywhere else. We did not have any issues with flat head syndrome and he transitioned to his crib without issue. I am sure the experience for each baby is different but for us this was a life saver product and I do recommend it to everyone!

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  12. Allison says November 3, 2013

    Some others have already said exactly what I had planned. Just saw this on pinterest, so i know i’m late to the game but I wanted to reiterate the above. I was ecstatic about receiving the RNP for my shower last year and my baby slept in it every single day (for naps and bedtime…this was my first-time mommy mistake!) My little girl now has a flat head and it took FOREVER to get her used to sleeping flat in a baby bed. I think they have even changed the name from “sleeper” now. It is great for convenience, but not great to use every time your baby sleeps!

  13. Megan says December 24, 2013

    I read these reviews before my son was born and decided against the rnp. Instead, we purchased the Tiny Love 3 in 1 napper mentioned above and love it. It’s comfy, rockable, easily portable, only slightly inclined (our LO has some reflux) and is flat. IMO it has all the best features of the RNP without the drawbacks. We also use a pack n play by our bed. Best of luck finding what works for you and your little one!

  14. Anne says January 26, 2014

    I am first time mom here and went with the infamous Rock n Play as well. Huge mistake. As someone already stated the transition to crib is a nightmare. We have even tried first transitioning to the bassinet in the Pack n Play… Still no go. However, I don’t think it is just the incline (as we tried the wedge in the crib for elevation), it is more the tight snuggle this “sleeper” offers. My DD has no issues laying in her crib at all, she doesn’t scream or cry when we lay her down or even when she wakes up. The problem is she sleeps for ONLY 10-40 minutes before waking up, no matter how persistent we are or how tired she is. When we take her out of the crib and put her in the RNP, she is out cold immediately for a 4-6 hour stretch. Like another said, every baby is different and you may get very LUCKY without this issue, but why bother chancing it when they’re are many other bassinets out there that will allow a newborn to adapt to a flatter and un-snuggled environment more similar to a crib. For our second, we will definitely only use a bassinet… This just wasn’t a wise purchase.

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  16. Baby Criben says May 27, 2016

    Thank you guys for making nice products! The position of the legs prevents Hip Displasia! This is an absolute must have! It was not available for our oldest, and we used it all the time for our second and third babies. We noticed they slept better and longer at a younger age than our oldest child. Our second child also had severe reflux, and the pediatrician recommended he sleep in this for the incline in order to avoid aspiration. Pair this with a Halo sleep sack swaddle, and its sweet dreams for everyone


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