1. Robyn says June 7, 2012

    Great information……..So informative and helpful!!!!

  2. Kaleigh says June 7, 2012

    I like the bugaboo camelion the best! I like how it can be morphed into many different options. I also like the price of it as well. It is sooo light weight that is something else that I like about it! Great suggestions. I will definitely be looking back at this!!

  3. Sarah says June 7, 2012

    Another good one is the city mini! I have it and it’s amazing! Light, easy fold up and open and great cover for walking too;)

  4. Lauren says June 7, 2012

    I’m sure you’ll find that everyone has their own opinions on everything baby! After going the travel system route with P and being embarrassed by its massiveness while trying to squeeze through city restaurant entrances in DC, this time around I switched to the Orbit. I’ve been extremely pleased! Though, the Maclarens that start at 3 months are pretty useful too.

    1. Grace says July 27, 2012

      I bought the UppaBaby Vista and the Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy, this one by far has all the storage that I need, but the cup holders do not work well with open cups (Coffe Cups, Soda cans, etc..) The cup holders are not sturdy enough for that. It does however work with closed bottles. I think the combination of the two works perfectly. But, this will be a life saver for all the extra stuff that you tend to accumilate, also great for wet clothes or sandy beach towels. Also, it has alot of little zipper areas to keep things seperated. Great solution for all of your srtoage needs.

  5. Sarah says June 8, 2012

    Seriously wish that this site was available during my first pregnancy, so nice to have all this info, and so well organized!!

    1. Francisco says July 27, 2012

      I have a 2 year old AND a 5 month old so taking baby out for quick trips can be too much if she’s happy (or aseelp!) so i can leave her in her car seat and pop here in her city mini so great! adaptor pops into the side holes in a minute then you just add the adaptor bar (we have a graco snugride- best car seat imo). Some say that the car seat is not held in securly- this is not the case with ours-maybe they are not puting it in correctly. The car seat actually clicks on just like the snugrider snap n go- you can try to lift it off while on the bar and it will NOT come out unless you press the release lever on the back of the car seat (just as if it was installed on the base in the car!) Does not add any weight to our mini, just makes the fold a bit longer but not that bad. It is a bit of a pain to take the adaptor on and off so plan on keeping it on for the most part (which is ok as my toddler can still use the stroller with the adaptor on it). This is a must have as it is SO much easier keeping baby in seat for errands you can just lay baby flat for longer outings in your mini/classic/elite as the seat goes flat hth!

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  7. PeppyParents says September 16, 2013

    Hi, great overview!

    The Vista originally had a very wide rear wheel width, but that was slimmed down a few years ago to be a respectable 25 inches.

    Also, City Select and its accessories are readily found nowadays! Definitely during its debut year in 2010, they were hard to keep in stock, but Baby Jogger ramped up production after that year.


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