1. Wendy @ New Moms Talk says January 25, 2013

    For us the key to reducing baby gear was to think about what we truly needed, our space, and what our options were.

    We went with the infant car seat which has been a great move for our daughter and us! It allows us more flexibility, and the sweet girl sleeps in it like a charm!

    However, we opted to hold off on the stroller (which we still don’t have) until it became warmer and we had a true need for it.

    We figured we’d err on the side of caution on baby stuff and figure it out as we went along. As long as we had the basics to begin with, we were fine. So far, it’s working great for all of us and our small home has plenty of space for love, play, learning, etc. as opposed to being filled with “stuff” from all of us!

  2. Deborah says January 25, 2013

    I don’t understand why anyone would need two to three strollers to begin with. If you plan on jogging or going on rough terrain with your little one, then by all means, get a jogging stroller. Otherwise, you really don’t need more than an umbrella stroller if you only have one baby. Carry it instead! My favorite part about visiting other countries was seeing all the babies being held by their mamas, daddies and even their siblings! Not once did I see a baby in a stroller in Mexico. I wore my first son in my MobyWrap all the time, and it never hurt my back, and I had my hands free. Why spend so much money on strollers (that waste SOOO much space), when you are perfectly capable of keeping baby close to you.

    Other than that, I love the rest of your suggestions. I love my Pack n Play, and I had the TripleFunJungle before I sold it (now that baby#2 is on the way, I wish I hadn’t!). If I could afford it, I would definitely get the MamaRoo! I borrowed my brother and sister-in-law’s swing, and I absolutely hate it! It takes up so much space and baby#1 didn’t even like it. You do honestly need someplace to put baby sometimes, and the MamaRoo looks really awesome! I want it!

  3. Sarah says July 5, 2013

    Loving this post, thanks for the great tips!!

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  6. samantha copeland says March 9, 2014

    My only problem with this is that you’re required to have an infant carrier for baby or
    you can’t leave the hospital.

    1. Meg says March 26, 2014

      We never used an “infant” carseat. When my oldest was born, they were still new and I didn’t trust them (they had different clip systems). Since he somehow managed to survive (and us too! ;)) in a RF convertible, that’s what all of my later kids used. By baby #4 almost 10 years later, the nurses didn’t know what to do when we didn’t bring a carrier into the hospital! What it meant is they had to do it the “old fashioned way” – one of them had to actually leave the floor, wait for hubby to pull the car up, and then check it in the car. (Originally they wanted us to bring it up, and we said “NO way!” – it’s not supposed to be taken in/out.) All you need is a legal car seat, properly installed – NOT an infant seat. They’ll just give you a hard time because it’s “easier.” (They should be coming out anyway, to make sure it attaches into the car properly because an infant in an unsecured seat is at as much risk – if not more – for injury, but often they just check you know how to buckle it and let you go.)

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  8. Jen says May 19, 2014

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention highchairs. We live in a townhouse and opted for the fisherprice healthy care booster. No huge bulky highchair, it just hooks right on top of one of our existing chairs and can be used into toddler years. Bonus is that it can easily be taken on the go. Plus the thing is a breeze to clean.

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  11. Melissa says October 20, 2015

    These are some great ideas! Although now in 2015, I have a far better suggestion for #5 – Tranquilo Mat, a portable soothing mat! Designed to mimic the rhythmic motion and sounds of the womb, it is a incredibly effective soothing solution, calming even the fussiest baby in less than a minute! Slim, flexible and super lightweight, it can turn ANYTHING into the ultimate soothing experience for babies – a car seat, a swaddle blanket, a sleep sack, a bassinet, an activity mat, a pack & play, an infant carrier, a stroller – the list is endless! Designed by a Maternity nurse, this brand new product has been a HUGE HIT at it’s ABC Kids Expo debut. We’d love to hear your feedback! <3

  12. Jen says July 30, 2016

    Great Read and insight!

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Whitley says February 27, 2017

    Love this post! I mostly agree on all of this.

    I am so happy I found these lists/ideas. I’ve been wanting to keep things pretty slimmed down, as a lot of things don’t last very long in baby world.

    The only baby items I have bought have been the pack-n-play(garage sale) and the convertible car seat.

    I do recommend a baby carrier of some sort and eventually a very simple booster seat with a seat-belt in it.

  14. Linda Callas says March 1, 2017

    Great advise! I wanted everything and my husband freaked out, we did some research and ended up writing a book about the subject! Check it out. First Time Parents guide to avoid unnecessary and wild spending! It’s a fun read!

  15. BabyDevelopmentSuccess says September 23, 2017

    Super helpful, thanks for sharing!

  16. Ben says November 29, 2017

    Yes I agree,less is better but the ones you have should facilitate all your babies needs.


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