1. Jenna says March 25, 2016

    I love this crib as well! However, my baby girl has chewed through the top and there are huge chip marks. I am comforted that Europe has higher safety standards than the US so the paint is nontoxic (from everything I’ve read at least). I think she would have chewed through any crib and I’m thankful I didn’t spend $500 on one!

  2. Rachelle says April 14, 2016

    I’ve been considering the Gulliver crib for my first child due in September. My only concern is the disclaimer on the Ikea website about furniture tip-over. Did you secure the crib to the wall or is it sturdy enough that you just set it up in the room like any other crib? Thank you!

    1. Jenna says April 14, 2016

      Hi Rachelle,

      This crib has never tipped and she was standing in it and jumping in it at 7 months and up! I wouldn’t have any concerns about this and have never even thought about it until you said there was a disclaimer. I have yet to turn it into a toddler bed so maybe that’s when it gets a bit more tippy? It’s been an awesome crib for us! Good Luck!

  3. Alice says August 4, 2016

    I’m also considering buying this crib for my baby boy due in November 2016. And I have a question for you: Would it be ok to use as a co-sleeper in the higher position? I mean when you take out one side, does it have to be in the lower position?

  4. Corey says August 5, 2016

    I’m with Alice. I have twins coming in January 2017 and will need something simple and affordable until we upgrade our living space. The only bedside co-sleepers I see are Arms Reach brand which are expensive and seem to have too many quality control issues for the price.

    How tall is the baseboard on the two different settings?

    Also, this is super short, yes? I’m worried if my wife has a c-section that bending down to a low height might be a problem.

  5. Emma says September 29, 2016

    What mattress did you go with? We bought the crib without the ikea mattress and now we’re stuck trying to figure out which one to get. So many qebsites have been pushing the “safety” of the breathable mattresses, but so much research says to stick with the AAP recommendations (read: no breathable mattresses).

    Sealy? Safety First? Graco? So many options!

    1. Jenna says September 29, 2016

      We went with an organics mattress from Costco which we’ve really liked. I am 5’2.5″ so this crib is plenty short for me. I am now pregnant again and have to lean over to pick her up, which is starting to get a little uncomfortable so I make her stand before I take her out of the crib. We also bought crib guards that are white fleece to stop her from chewing the sides even more, which are not as cute as leaving them off but they do the trick. As far as a c-section goes, I’ve invested in a used Halo bassinet which I’ve heard is an awesome bedside bassinet, esp in the c-section scenario. Best of luck!

  6. Rachel says November 13, 2016

    what length bed skirt would work with this?

  7. Dagan says November 25, 2017

    Thank you for this review.
    What is the height from the floor of the base of the mattress when the crib is converted to the todler bed? (the lower of the 2 options)


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