1. Sarah says June 28, 2012

    Great advice, never thought of that. I used the Lanolin…but it was NOT enough!!!

  2. Jen says July 4, 2012

    You should definitely try out the Medela hands free bra for use with your breast pump. It’s a must have for nursing moms because it gives you 2 free hands for multi-tasking while pumping. From my kitchen counter, I can hands free pump, feed my 2 year old, give me 7 month old cereal, do the breakfast dishes, and check email. I highly recommend it!

  3. […] – Breast pads (not pictured).  Soothies in the freezer are a must. Lilypadz are a great option too and also great in the freezer. Disposable ones are great for a few weeks […]

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