1. Tiffany says January 15, 2013

    Love this! I am such a fan of “Hi-Low” features! Either one you choose, you can use BabyList to add it to your registry!

  2. Chelsey says January 15, 2013

    How do you feel about the comfort of the Target glider? I am looking for one for our nursery and LOVE the style of this one, but am torn on comfort levels. It would be great to get your 100% honest opinion. Thank you so much for your help! This 1st time momma loves all of your information/opinions 🙂

  3. Liberty says January 15, 2013

    No I think this is great!!!! I already saved $500 in my nursery on the crib alone! I wanted the Ouef Sparrow crib in gray ($700) and I found a Baby Mod on Amazon for $400 but then I found the SAME crib at Walmart for $199!!! The same one! And the reviews are fantastic. 🙂

  4. Jill says January 15, 2013

    I agree with Tiffany – these types of features are always my favorite in magazines! It’s really helpful to have someone do the digging to see how you can find a piece with a similar look to a splurge item but much more budget friendly.

  5. Jen Jensen says February 12, 2013

    Do you think the Target glider would go good with a white crib? This is the crib i purchased if that helps: Thanks in advance for your input!


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