1. Diane says June 2, 2016

    #4 for sure!

  2. Hanaa says June 2, 2016

    I ended up getting a “normal” backpack – the Osprey Comet – in time for #2’s delivery. It has a lot of space and is divided into three large compartments, so between the mini pockets and the compartments, everything has its place. The straps are nice and thick, which makes it easier on me even when it’s loaded down, and even if I’m also wearing a baby in a carrier. Plus, it makes an easier transition into post-baby life when I’m no longer needing diaper bags.

    After trying so many different types of diaper bags with #1, I realized that I didn’t need to carry an official “diaper bag.” Beverages could be carried in insulated sleeves/zippered packs or (in the sippy cup and beyond stages) in insulated bottles. The changing pads that came with the bags were always flimsy and too small, especially as the baby grew, so I’d carry a Skip Hop Pronto Station or Patemm Pad instead (both of which also hold wipes containers). I now tell pregnant friends to just get whatever type of bag they like that has a lot of space and/or pockets; it can be modified for your baby/toddler needs.

  3. Vanessa says June 3, 2016

    We just switched to a Timbuk2 messenger bag style diaper bag (which is also great for hands free) but it comes in backpack style too. I love it.

  4. Nikki G says March 15, 2017

    does anyone know what Brand and model backpack #1 is? The Link is no longer working. Would really help to have brands names on the graphic, as the Amazon links don’t work after a while…

    1. Mallory says March 16, 2017

      Hi Nikki! The first backpack is a Dakine Campus Backpack. Sorry the link isn’t working!


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