1. Robyn says July 16, 2012

    All of these look fantastic………..I have personally already made a couple of them, but can’t wait to try to them all……..Perfect idea for grandparents too~!!!! or anyone for that matter!!!!!!! GREAT info………….

  2. Kirby says July 16, 2012

    Yum! Great suggestions. The Kellys will definitely be trying out the Creamy Avocado Pasta and the bomb French dip 🙂

  3. Betty says July 16, 2012

    YUMMY!!! Awesome suggestions for quick, healthy and delish meals. The Creamy Avocado Pasta or Turkey or Veggie Burgers are tops on my list!!

  4. Steven Markuson says July 17, 2012

    i have made this a few times! it always turns out wonderful and with very little fuss!

  5. Sarah says July 18, 2012

    These recipes look wonderful, and so healthy!!! Must say the avocado pasta is delish:)


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