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  • 4 Essentials for a Second Baby We’ve chatted second baby registry guide already, but today I’m here to cover the four essentials you absolutely need when you’re expecting baby #2. Sure, everything on the registry guide will make your life easier, but I’m talking about the down and dirty four things you absolutely cannot live without if you value your sanity and your baby’s ... Read this post
  • Real Mom Favorites: Oscar’s First Month Somehow it’s been five whole weeks since we brought home our second son, Oscar. How does time fly by so quickly? This being our second time at the bat, I had a decent idea of what I’d need to get through the first month of Oscar’s life. After a month of being a mom to two ... Read this post
  • 4moms mamaRoo Review II It’s no secret we love 4moms’ mamaRoo around these parts. It regularly makes our Best Baby Products list, we’ve sung our rave reviews time and time again, and walk into any of our homes and you’ll probably see the mamaRoo sitting in the corner (as long as our littlest is under the 25lbs weight limit). So when ... Read this post
  • 4moms rockaRoo Review It is no secret we are lovers of all things 4moms.  Not just because they make cool products but because their products make parents lives easier.  The newest product from 4moms, the rockaRoo, stays true to 4moms form and may just be the Baby Registry essential of 2014! We’re super excited to share our thoughts ... Read this post
  • 4moms infant tub Review & Giveaway! Since the October arrival of our first daughter, Berit, I have been looking forward to giving her a bath. There is just something inherently tender about bathing your new baby and bonding with them as they splash in the water. There are many ways to get your infant squeaky clean, but today we’re going to ... Read this post
  • 4moms Origami Review + Giveaway No tricks over here just big TREATS… in the form of a surprise 4moms Origami GIVEAWAY!  You all know we love everything from 4moms and there are good reasons and the Origami, the awesome 4moms stroller is no different.  But really you have TWO chances to win an Origami… First, before you read our review ... Read this post
  • 4moms mamaRoo Review + Giveaway! To say I am excited about this review and giveaway is an understatement.  It is no secret I love all 4moms products and if there were one product I wish I had registered for it would be the MamaRoo.  For some reason (I still have no idea why) I did not register for the mamaRoo. ... Read this post
  • 4moms Breeze Review + Giveaway! People often ask me if a pack ‘n play or playard is a necessary piece of baby gear and I think it’s a pretty tough question to answer because it really depends on your situation. Pack ‘n Play’s can take the place of a bassinet and even a changing table.  They are awesome for traveling ... Read this post


  • BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft I was so happy to put together this post because the Bouncer Balance Soft by BABYBJORN is one of my absolute favorite baby products.  It’s pretty obvious we are big fans of BABYBJORN over here at the Wise Baby. Lindsey posted earlier this week about the Travel Crib Light and I’ve already sung my praises about ... Read this post
  • BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light review Since day one, I have been a big fan of BABYBJÖRN products.  We have loved the Original baby carrier, the ONE baby carrier and the high chair.  For the last couple weeks I have been putting the all new Travel Crib Light to the test and am excited to share my thoughts with you.  Annnddd, ... Read this post
  • BABYBJORN Cradle review When preparing for the arrival of our daughter, there seemed to be a million items on my “to buy” list. And, to be perfectly honest, it was overwhelming! After a few sleepless nights and plenty of worrying, my own mom reminded me that regardless of whatever I decided to buy for baby, all she really ... Read this post
  • Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One review By now, you probably all know my love for the Baby Bjorn baby carriers.  We have the Original have always loved it.  So when Baby Bjorn contacted me about reviewing and testing their newest carrier, the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One, I squealed with excitement (no joke).  The world of baby carriers can be tough ... Read this post

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  • Bebe au Lait nursing cover review + new swaddle blankets On Friday, I shared my list of nursing essentials and all of those items are key to making my life as a nursing mom easier BUT there is one thing that I absolutely could not survive without… especially when and and about…. my Bebe au Lait nursing cover.  I have to admit that I was ... Read this post

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  • Boon Kitchen baby gear From high chairs to flatware to snack cups our wee ones require lots-o-gear for the kitchen.  Boon sent us a box full of their kitchen goodies along with their new, fully customizable Flair high chair and over the last couple weeks we’ve put it to the test. Our editor Praveen, reviewed the Flair in full and it ... Read this post
  • Boon Fresh Changing Station review & Giveaway! Changing diapers is one thing all parents quickly become very good at.  Whether you’re an experienced changer or chaining your first diaper with your new baby it is a skill you pick up very quickly.  WHERE to change the diaper is usually not a question – you need a firm, safe surface that can catch ... Read this post
  • Boon Naked Collapsible Tub Review The Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub was my first introduction to the family of Boon products.  When creating our registry I was instantly drawn to this tub.  Unlike other infant tubs, the Boon Naked Collapsible Tub didn’t scream baby tub.  Rather, I love its simple and sophisticated design. Features:  The tub features 2 positions, a reclined position ... Read this post
  • Boon Flair Highchair Reveiw My first impression of the Boon Flair was that it was modern and so different from the other highchairs on the market.  After two weeks of mealtimes with the little Man, I can honestly say my love affair with Boon products will continue.  It did require some assembly but the Mister put it together in ... Read this post

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  • How to Choose an Infant Carseat II The buying guides we’ve featured in the past are what helped me out so much when choosing baby products the first time I was pregnant. You could say they are the “Meat and Potatoes” of The Wise Baby. We’ve touched on this subject before, but with the success of our recently updated How to Choose ... Read this post
  • Chicco NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System review II Back in January, we shared our first review of the new feeding system from Chicco – the NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System.  To refresh your memory, the NaturalFit is a line up of bottles that grow with your child.  The feeding system includes four bottles for three different stages with each stage being thoughtfully designed to ... Read this post
  • Chicco KeyFit 30 Review & Chicco Liteway Plus Review The infant car seat is one of the toughest pieces of gear to choose and one of the most requested product reviews we receive.  All for good reason. Your infant car seat is one of the most used pieces of baby gear and even more importantly, it’s tasked with protecting your most precious cargo. One ... Read this post
  • Chicco NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System Review I We’ve talked a lot about bottles for breastfed babies before (part I and part II) and I am really excited to share a brand new feeding system from Chicco with you – the NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System.  The NaturalFit Feeding System is designed to grow with your baby and was developed to meet their feeding ... Read this post
  • Chicco Echo Stroller review I must admit that the reason I first looked into getting the Chicco Echo Stroller for my little one was because I was drawn to the gorgeous bright colors it was offered in and the pretty display at my local Target did not hurt either.  As I began my research, I referenced our lightweight stroller review ... Read this post
  • Chicco Polly High Chair review The Chicco Polly SE High Chair in the Perseo fabric was the first item on my baby registry.  With this being my first baby, I really had no idea what I was looking for in a high chair so my decision was 50% based on reputation of brand and 50% based on looks- I mean ... Read this post

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  • Clek Foonf review 2015 Happy Monday y’all! We are starting the week off with a review I have been working on for quite some time and one I am super excited to share with you. Maybe it is the nature of having this blog about baby products but I have never been more excited to review a piece of ... Read this post
  • Clek Foonf Review Ever since the little Man was 8 months old he had outgrown the height capacity for his infant car seat (30 inches).  Thus began the hunt for a convertible car seat.  If you’ve ever looked for a convertible car seat, or any car seat for that matter, you know the possibilities are endless.  We looked ... Read this post

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  • Combi Shuttle Review We’ve been on a mission to review infant car seats and we are tackling another seat today, the Combi Shuttle and we’re thrilled to be offering a giveaway to one lucky reader!  Let’s not waste any time and jump right in to the details of the Combi Shuttle: Here’s what we like: Safety.  Likely the most important feature ... Read this post
  • Combi Rock N Roll Mobile Entertainer review The Rock N Roll mobile entertainer is the latest and greatest from Combi and it is all sorts of FUN. Mobility is one of the greatest discoveries our little ones make and one of the scariest for us parents.  The Rock N Roll mobile entertainer allows you to ease in to this independent stage while still ... Read this post

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  • Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine Review Everyone I know and everything I read recommended getting a good sound machine to help little sleepers get on a regular schedule, so I registered for one straight away, praying to the gods of sleep. We ended up receiving the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine from a dear friend and used it for over a ... Read this post
  • Graco Duet Rocker review Next to a white noise machine or swaddle, a cozy rocker is top of the list of items used to soothe a fussy, sleepy babe. Having a safe place for your little one to nap is worth its weight in gold! Today we’re looking at the Duet Rocker from Graco which is an affordable, portable ... Read this post
  • Graco SnugRide35 + FastAction Fold Jogger review When we talk about a travel system we basically mean a stroller and carseat combo that are compatible and in a perfect world, require no adapters (because adapters are usually an added cost). Travel systems come in all shapes and sizes however, a jogging stroller travel system is harder to come by.  We have our ... Read this post
  • Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat review A few weeks ago, with a sudden need to change cars, my husband and I decided it was time to upgrade our little one into her big girl carseat i.e., from her infant car seat to a rear facing convertible car seat.  After careful consideration, we selected the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible car seat ... Read this post
  • Graco Little Lounger Review + Giveaway! With the holiday travel season right around the corner (like next week) the Graco Little Lounger may be the perfect piece of gear to make your little one’s holiday season more restful.  The Graco Little Lounger is handy, portable and multi-functional and we are big fans.  Most recently, we featured the Little Lounger on our ... Read this post

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  • Joovy Too Qool review As most of you know, we moved to New York City about a month and a half ago.  We naively showed up in the heart of the city with our side by side double stroller ready to stroll.  Upon our first stroll we realized we were some of the only people (in our neighborhood, at ... Read this post
  • Traveling Lighter with Babies It’s amazing how much stuff you have to carry and travel with when you have a baby (or two, in my case). Over time, we have worked at finding the lightest weight (but still high-quality) of the essential gear that we need when traveling. Here is a round-up of our favorites. 1 PACK AND PLAY (STANDARD SIZE): NUNA ... Read this post
  • Joovy HiLo highchair review Highchairs can be a tricky piece of gear to choose and like many products, what works for one family may not work for another.  Today we are taking a close look at the newest high chair from Joovy, the HiLo.  We snagged a sample of the HiLo at the Chicago Mommycon event and have been ... Read this post
  • Joovy Boob Bottle Review + Giveaway! Baby bottles are a very personal choice.  And not really your personal choice but your baby’s personal choice.  With that being said, we feel like it’s most helpful to educate you on the different types of bottles available so you can a) make the right choice for your baby registry b) know where to turn if ... Read this post

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  • UPPAbaby VISTA Piggyback Review I was never one to bring a stroller on vacation until we brought our UPPAbaby VISTA on vacation with us to London. It was a game changer and I honestly dread the day when my boys don’t need the stroller on trips because it helps me corral all my luggage so well. So when I ... Read this post
  • 4 Essentials for a Second Baby We’ve chatted second baby registry guide already, but today I’m here to cover the four essentials you absolutely need when you’re expecting baby #2. Sure, everything on the registry guide will make your life easier, but I’m talking about the down and dirty four things you absolutely cannot live without if you value your sanity and your baby’s ... Read this post
  • UPPAbaby VISTA Review When we realized we would be adding to our family, I started researching double strollers almost immediately, and I ultimately settled on the UPPAbaby VISTA. I loved that it had about a million different orientations for one or two children (even three with the PiggyBack), it was one that fit the Nuna Pipa, our infant ... Read this post
  • UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller Review I have to admit that I prefer SUV like strollers.  I favor a stroller that has some serious wheels for off-roading and way more storage than I could ever fathom using, but that’s just me. We did register for the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, and I have found it useful when taking public transportation, navigating through airports, and keeping in the car in case ... Read this post
  • UPPAbaby Vista Review I have regretted MANY baby purchases. I got the most modern bouncy seat that would blend with our furniture, the most earth mama wrap carrier, and went through countless diaper bags. These are all collecting dust in our storage unit now. I knew that with a big purchase like a stroller, I had to get ... Read this post