Bath Time

  • Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather review We featured this handy little bath seat yesterday in our updated Urban Baby Registry Guide but in reality, the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather is great for any lifestyle.  Admittedly, we stumbled upon this little gem by way of my mother in law purchasing to keep at her home for when we travel to visit. ... Read this post
  • Essential Oil Series: Lavender Baby Products When I was going through esthetician school a few years ago, I took an advanced course about aromatherapy and essential oils. Learning about natural products, like oils,  that are so simple and pure, yet so potent and transforming to the skin and body were – and continue to be – completely fascinating to me. Every month ... Read this post
  • Best Baby Products 2014 Its about time we talk about the best of the best baby products for 2014.  We spend countless hours researching baby products and all of these are products that we would buy for our children and use in our home.  Many of which, we have reviewed first hand and the few that we haven’t are ... Read this post
  • Boon Naked Collapsible Tub Review The Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub was my first introduction to the family of Boon products.  When creating our registry I was instantly drawn to this tub.  Unlike other infant tubs, the Boon Naked Collapsible Tub didn’t scream baby tub.  Rather, I love its simple and sophisticated design. Features:  The tub features 2 positions, a reclined position ... Read this post
  • 4moms infant tub Review & Giveaway! Since the October arrival of our first daughter, Berit, I have been looking forward to giving her a bath. There is just something inherently tender about bathing your new baby and bonding with them as they splash in the water. There are many ways to get your infant squeaky clean, but today we’re going to ... Read this post
  • Big Kid Bath Essentials Naming this post “Big Kid Bath Essentials” made me realize that I will soon have a toddler instead of a baby (tear!).  But since I am talking about bath products that aide in the transition from an infant tub to  regular tub the name seemed fitting.  We are now in the process of making this transition – we ... Read this post
  • mum + bub skincare review + giveaway! Happy Monday!  We’re starting the week off on the right foot… with an awesome review and giveaway of aden + anais‘ fabulous line of baby skincare – mum + bub.  I have to admit, I love some of the other bath products I’ve tried and it is pretty hard to woo me but I have ... Read this post
  • Baby Bath Products reviews Like all baby products, there are LOTS of choices when it comes to baby bath products.  It can be hard to decipher the difference between each and even more difficult to decide which one is right for your little one.  I wish I could tell you there was a fool proof way to pick the ... Read this post
  • Dolphin Organics Baby Bath products review + Giveaway! It seems like a lot of products these days call themselves “all natural” or “organic” but then you look at the ingredient list and it’s a laundry list of really long words that don’t sound natural at all. Enter Dolphin Organics a truly all natural line of baby products. I was sent a Norfolk Lavender ... Read this post
  • Boo Bamboo Baby Products Review + Giveaway! Bath time is an integral part of our daily routine.  That being said, we go through our fair share of bath products so I was excited when BooBamboo contacted me to introduce me to their all natural line of baby bath products.  Of course, the idea of reviewing bath products is/was a little frightening to ... Read this post
  • Baby Bath Tub Reviews! One product  I was throughly confused about when registering was baby bath tubs.  How are there so many that look so different and do the same thing?  Our baby bath tub reviews contemplates four very different looking tubs.  When it comes to the traditional bath tub I did wayyyy too much research but it was ... Read this post