• Wildbird Ring Sling Review When I had my first son, I dabbled in the world of baby wearing. I loved wearing him, and did it often, but I didn’t realize just how necessary it was until my second son was born. If I want to get anything done in the day, I absolutely have to wear Oscar at some point. Bonus? ... Read this post
  • Moby Wrap vs. Solly Baby Wrap Let me start out by saying I own and love both the Moby Wrap and the Solly Baby Wrap – I use them both regularly. However, I’m frequently asked what the difference between the two is, and I completely understand that most people would prefer just one of the somewhat similar wraps. Not everyone is as ... Read this post
  • Twingaroo Baby Carrier One of the toughest realizations when you are a new mom is that you can’t do things like you used to. Your hands are always carrying something (usually a baby), and you absolutely don’t have the time to do what you used to. While baby carriers are nothing new, they have gained in popularity thanks ... Read this post
  • Best Baby Products 2014 Its about time we talk about the best of the best baby products for 2014.  We spend countless hours researching baby products and all of these are products that we would buy for our children and use in our home.  Many of which, we have reviewed first hand and the few that we haven’t are ... Read this post
  • Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier Review I’m always shocked by how fast things change with baby products, and grateful to the Wise Baby for being so on top of it!  When I had Harrison two years ago,  there seemed to be only a handful of options for carriers: some wrap option, the BABYBJORN, and the ERGObaby.  I was very torn between the latter two, ... Read this post
  • Kelty Kids Transit Carrier Review My husband and I bonded over hiking through Yellowstone National Park and shortly after moved to Colorado to go to school and explore the outdoors on the weekend. Regardless to say, hiking is almost in Harry’s blood, and with our recent move to Germany (a hikers mecca, I tell you!) we’ve been making good use ... Read this post
  • líllébaby COMPLETE All Seasons baby carrier review Baby carriers are maybe the most personal of all baby products. Not just for the mama, but for the baby as well. Back when Harrison was born (almost two years ago now!) there weren’t that many options. You either had to commit to a forward facing carrier or the “ergonomic” inward facing carrier. We ended ... Read this post
  • Nesting Days Newborn Baby Carrier Review My plan while pregnant with Margaux was to wear her everywhere –  around the house, play spaces, out and about so I could easily keep up with Eloise (she’s a busy one) while being close to Marguax.  Much to my dismay, my newborn baby wearing dreams haven’t really panned out.  I have tried several carriers ... Read this post
  • Baby Carrier Reviews + Roundup We’re big fans of wearing our babies here at The Wise Baby. Not only is it convenient to have your little one so close so you can get things done around the house or maneuver crowds with ease, but it’s pretty great to be able to reach down for a kiss on the top of ... Read this post
  • Beco Gemini vs. Soleil reviews + giveaways! We all have certain baby products we really want and a Beco Baby Carrier was one for me.  Beco is widely praised, adored and down right loved by parents everywhere and for good reason.  Beco makes two  fabulous carriers – the Gemini and the newer Soleil.  Instead of reviewing (and giving away) just one we thought, ... Read this post
  • Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One review By now, you probably all know my love for the Baby Bjorn baby carriers.  We have the Original have always loved it.  So when Baby Bjorn contacted me about reviewing and testing their newest carrier, the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One, I squealed with excitement (no joke).  The world of baby carriers can be tough ... Read this post
  • líllébaby baby carrier review & giveaway! Before I had a baby and thought about creating a baby registry I severely understated the importance and convenience of a baby carrier.  Baby carriers are helpful in the early days for getting things done around the house and as your little one grows they are easy way to run quick errands (on foot), walk ... Read this post
  • Moby Go Review + Giveaway! We have reviewed the awesome Moby Wrap and in fact, named it to our Best Baby Products of 2012 so when the team over at Moby asked me to review the new Moby Go I was thrilled.  I have been using the Go for a little over three weeks now and am excited to share ... Read this post
  • Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier Review + Giveaway! I have no problem admitting that I under estimated the convince of a baby carrier.  Sure I added on to my registry because it was on the list Babies R Us gave me which meant I had to have it, right?  After my through research (of course) I opted for the Baby Bjorn Original. My husband was ... Read this post
  • Best Baby Products 2012 Just about a year ago I was sifting through book after book, review after review of baby products and was throughly confused at which products were best for our soon-to-be bundle of joy.  I have been doing the same research since then and am thrilled to name our favorite baby products for 2012.  Of course, ... Read this post
  • Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Review + a Giveaway! We’ve talked a lot about baby carriers around these parts and for good reason – it is an important piece of baby gear. There are lots of options some of which are intimidating or uncomfortable and some that are just down right awesome.  I would put the Baby K’tan baby carrier in the darn right ... Read this post
  • Moby Wrap Review + Giveaway! We did a high level review of the Moby Wrap in our Baby Carrier Review but today we are taking a deeper dive.  I was sent one a UV coated Moby Wrap for testing and review. I was super excited to try this different type of carrier or baby wearing if you will, since I ... Read this post
  • Baby Carrier Review Whether you are in an urban or suburban environment a baby carrier can be a helpful and/or necessary piece of baby gear. There are LOTS on the market and narrowing down the list can be daunting.  We’ve put together four choices we think are can’t-go-wrong options – the Ergo Original Carrier, the BabyBjorn Classic Original, ... Read this post