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  • Favorite Children Books We huge fans of reading in our house and it’s not uncommon to find Harry reading in his room on his own, or to feel him tugging at my shirt asking me to read him a book many, many times every day. Books seem to be his favorite toy and we try to squeeze in ... Read this post
  • Teething Toys and Supplies With two babies going through teething at the same time, we wanted to be as prepared as possible so that we could (hopefully) make our babies as comfortable as possible. We knew that we wanted to be as natural as possible, but we weren’t opposed to pulling out some infant pain reliever on really bad ... Read this post
  • Activity Gym Reviews When I was pregnant with Harrison, I believed that I did not need any baby gear to clutter our tiny condo. I did not want any evidence of a child in our living space, and nothing screams “baby” more than an activity gym! Thank goodness a friend insisted that I add the Skip Hop Activity Gym to ... Read this post
  • A Closer Look at Developmentally Appropriate Toys Play time isn’t just for fun – it’s also an opportunity to encourage growth and development. But as you’re well aware, the aisles of Target or can prove confusing to any parent with their vast array of toy choices – which toy(s) will best serve your child’s needs? Therefore, we’ve broken it down on the ... Read this post
  • Combi Rock N Roll Mobile Entertainer review The Rock N Roll mobile entertainer is the latest and greatest from Combi and it is all sorts of FUN. Mobility is one of the greatest discoveries our little ones make and one of the scariest for us parents.  The Rock N Roll mobile entertainer allows you to ease in to this independent stage while still ... Read this post
  • Skip Hop FunSpot Activity Circle review There isn’t much from Skip Hop we don’t love.  One of our favorite Skip Hop products are the PlaySpot Tiles. We’ve mentioned them numerous times before and reviewed them in our play area essentials post but bottom before and consider them an intregal part to a playroom or in our place, a play area.  Skip ... Read this post
  • Chewbeads Review I used love to accessorize, especially with beautiful statement necklaces and baubles.  Then my little Man started his teething and grabbing phase.  Which meant  if my favorite necklace wasn’t covered in drool, he had his vice like death grip on them.  I was terrified he’d break them or that a piece would end up in his mouth, ... Read this post
  • Best Baby Teethers Every parent dreads the onset of baby teeth.  While some little ones handle it like champs others are not so fortunate.  And since the symptoms of a tooth coming in can last from a few days to several months, finding a teething toy your little one enjoys is mutually beneficial for both baby and parents ... Read this post
  • Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat Review The Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat is actually not something that I registered for however it has turned into one of my favorite items. We ended up getting this seat as a gift from my in-laws for Christmas and it sat in our guest room for several weeks. At first I thought this seat seemed ... Read this post
  • Best toys for crawlers Mobility is an exciting, fun new stage for you and your babe,  albeit a bit scary.  Often times it starts with an army crawl or “scoot” and develops into a full blown crawl and ultimately walking.  At this stage your babe likes toys that encourage interaction and you like toys that help with their mobile ... Read this post
  • Infant toys 6 – 12 months Toys, toys, toys.  So many options, how to choose?  Well as with lots of baby related things, a lot depends on your little one’s preference.  As a follow up to our toy suggestions for newborn to six months today we are featuring some great toys for the older, six to twelve month set.  These toys ... Read this post
  • 10 infant toys under $10! There are hundreds, if not thousands of baby toys out there some expensive and some reasonably priced.  Not to mention what each baby prefers can vary greatly and it seems like interest can be lost overnight.  That being said, there are quite a few really great, reasonably priced infant toys out there.  All of these ... Read this post
  • Best Baby Products 2012 Just about a year ago I was sifting through book after book, review after review of baby products and was throughly confused at which products were best for our soon-to-be bundle of joy.  I have been doing the same research since then and am thrilled to name our favorite baby products for 2012.  Of course, ... Read this post
  • Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Jungle Review We mentioned this fun apparatus yesterday and today we are looking more closely at the Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Jungle.  When I was registering I was torn on which Exersaucer to choose – there are quite a few and all have similar yet different activities.  People had warned me they were big and some people ... Read this post
  • Crib Soothers Reviews When it comes to crib soothers or crib entertainment there are LOTS of options.  Everything from simple white noise machines to pricey devices that function as a soother, nightlight and feeding log.  I’ve researched and collected the aforementioned options as well as those in between.  A crib soother is definitely not a must have but ... Read this post
  • Activity Gym Reviews One of the things I was most excited about receiving from my baby registry was the activity gym.  I desperately wanted anything that was going to keep Eloise happy while also helping her development.  While the purpose of these activity gym’s is certainly a place to play and have fun they are designed to stimulate ... Read this post
  • The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat Review + a Giveaway! As parents of newborns, we all know how important tummy time is to growth and development.  If you are anything like me, the whole idea of tummy time seems a little intimidating.  I mean putting my sweet peanut “face down” on her tummy was scary!  I struggled to find a surface, other than my chest ... Read this post