1. Kristen says August 18, 2015

    I wanted to share that our occupational therapist and speech therapist highly recommend cup #8 for our daughter because it helps facilitate a closed mouth posture. She loves the cup, and we are big fans too!

    1. jenifer jolly says August 23, 2015

      MR.KRISTEN, You are right. i have already checked it for my baby.

  2. Dory says August 19, 2015

    #8 for the win! That 360 cup is truly the best that we’ve tried with our toddlers (and I feel like we’ve tried them all). We’ve also tried other 360 cups, and none of them compare to this one! So happy to see it made the list!

  3. Grandma S says September 3, 2015

    My grandson loves #8 as well but he likes the one with handles. Like this one here: I have been thinking about purchasing a stainless steel one, anyone have any experience with ss sippy cups?

    1. Rachel says September 6, 2015

      I have used the brand Pura for a SS sippy and bottle. My son seems to like them and they are very easy to clean!

  4. Camila says March 15, 2016

    very nice design sippy cups….I love it. thank you very much.all the best

  5. Edana says April 21, 2017

    I started my daughter with a sippy cup similar to cup number nine when she was around one year. Then we slowly progressed to a sippy cup design like number one when she was more than a year and a half. Now we are training her to drink on a regular cup. She still finds it hard to control the flow of the liquid when she drinks through a regular cup so we switch her cup number nine and one every now and then. But when she asks for the regular cup, we give it to her. Now she can slowly drink on her own using the regular cup.


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