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Happy Wednesday, you know what that means- real mama day!  Today’s mama has a great list of products to share with us – she is very wise with all her baby gear choices based on her lifestyle and her favorites definitely reflect that.  I love that today’s list includes some less seen (but awesome) gear picks and a great mini crib (love, love!).  Enjoy mama Anne Marie’s list of baby products that fits oh so well into her busy lifestyle.  And if you’d love to share your favorites, email us with all these details. xo

Hi! I am Anne Marie, mom to two boys, Sam (3) and Joey (6 months), and wife to my amazing husband, Justin. We are an Army family currently stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. I left a career in politics to stay home with my boys and recently began my own lifestyle blog, The Amsy Files. Because we live in military issued quarters and can move frequently, I have chosen to purchase a minimal amount of items that work in small spaces and are very high quality. I learned what did not work with my first son, so when Joey was born this summer I had a well edited and curated collection baby items that work for us. In addition to some often mentioned favorites, such as my Aden and Anais blankets, Ergo, Rockaroo and Honest Diapers, here are my top ten baby picks.

Real Moms Favorite Baby Products - Anne Marie

1. Orbit Baby Travel Collection (Carseat, base and stroller frame, black): This is one baby gear decision that was spot on with my first baby and has continued to serve us well the second time around. Although it is an investment, the convenience of having a carseat that is on a rotating base in the car and on the stroller frame is invaluable. The materials are all washable and very durable. The stroller frame folds up with one hand, a huge advantage when wrangling a toddler and newborn. I can’t say enough good things about my Orbit gear.

2. Vulli Sophie Giraffe Vanilla Teether: As a fan of the original Sophie teether, I was excited to find this smaller one that slides into my diaper bag and is less bulky for baby during the earliest months of teething. Joey has been chewing on this teether since four months and it continues to be his handheld toy of choice.

3. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib: I searched high and low for a crib that would fit into our master bedroom and grow with the baby. We live in a two bedroom home so when we found out a new baby was coming we opted to make a nursery corner in our room rather than interrupt our toddler’s good sleep habits with a newborn roommate. The Origami looks fabulous and is ideal for small space dwellers. It is also very easy to assemble – I did it alone at eight months pregnant.

4. Stokke Flexi Bath (white): This genius tub folds flat to slide into a bathroom cabinet or closet. The infant insert made it easy to bath Joey from day one and as he begins to sit on this own, the tall sides of the tub give support. A well placed drain plug empties tub into our regular bathtub without any lifting or carrying.

5. Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food: My goal is to make all my own organic baby food, but let’s face it, with two kids and a demanding schedule of outside activities it doesn’t always happen. For both boys I have used Ella’s great pouches as my back-up and on the go baby food. I like the wide variety of green vegetable offerings (kale, spinach, etc.) and healthy toddler snacks, especially for travel.

6. Land of Nod Wee Wonderful Gym (Natural Wood w/ Animal Toys): I do not have any walkers, stand-up bouncers or activity centers because of the amount of space they take and honestly the tremendous eye sore they can be in the living room. With very little storage space, anything of this size is going to be in plain view. This is by far the largest toy we own, but well worth it! Not only does Joey enjoy the hanging rattles, the gym blends into the design of our home beautifully.

7. Lily Jade Sarah Grace Diaper Bag (gold): I was sold on this diaper bag from the minute I saw the removable and washable baby bag. I want a bag that is functional and glamorous – this one nailed it! The baby bag has tons of pockets and compartments, a mommy pouch and a washable changing pad. Although smaller than many diaper bags on the market, I have found that the design is so well planned that even with two kids I have plenty of room for all the tons of stuff I haul around every day. If I ever leave without the kids I just remove the baby bag and use the bag as my purse.

8. Hanna Andersson Night Night Organic Sleepers: Not only are the Scandinavian inspired prints adorable, the cotton is incredibly soft and luxurious, even after tons of washing. The zipper makes diaper changes much easier than fiddling with snaps and a squirmy baby. Both my infant and toddler have several pairs of these awesome pajamas.

9. Honest Company Oxy Boost and Stain Remover: I have never met an Honest Company product I don’t like, however these two have saved tons of baby laundry from stain retirement. I try to keep infant clothing to about seven outfits and four pajamas per size, so this requires lots of laundry to ensure we don’t run out of clothing. Even the toughest blowout stains have come out with pre-treatment with the stain remover and an oxy boost packet in the load. With periodic soaking the oxy boost keeps all my muslin swaddle blankets and bibs looking bright white and stain free. I fill a big bowl with water, dissolve a packet, and toss in whatever needs brightening. After a couple hours I just wash normally.

10. Minimocs (Elk color): Since I have only one pair of shoes for the baby, I want ones that are versatile, durable, comfortable, super cute and stay on his feet. The Elk color I chose works with all his outfits and has definitely passed the “stay on” test. The soft leather gives plenty of flex room for his developing feet. Kansas can be cold and blustery so a cozy pair of socks and these mocs have kept Joey’s toes toasty all winter.


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  2. Marie P. says February 18, 2015

    Anne Marie, Great suggestions! Will definitely check out the Orbit Travel Collection next time around. And that bath tub looks amazing! And thanks for the idea of how to use the Honest Oxy Boost. Best of luck to you and your adorable boys!!

    1. Anne Marie says February 26, 2015

      Thanks, Marie! I am so glad you found it helpful! Feel free to contact me through my blog if you ever have further questions.


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