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Happy Real Mom Wednesday!  I am so excited to share this busy mama’s list of favorite products with you today.  Mama Christine has a fabulous line up of products that include great finds for baby and mama.  I always love learning of great new maternity and nursing wear as well as seeing all time favorite products make the list.  Enjoy Christine’s list of favorites and if you would like to share your favorites, we’d love to have – check out more deets, here!

My name is Christine Kirk and I am a first time mom to a three and a half month old baby boy, Nicholas Jet. I am a working mom in Los Angeles who is the CEO of Social Muse Communications – a PR and social media agency for luxury brands – and because I’m always on the go (hence my son’s middle name, Jet), I’m also always looking for ways to make my life – and my baby’s life – easier! Here are just a few of the products we can’t live without:


1.  Comotomo Bottles – My little man was exclusively breast fed for the first three months. After we discovered that he has a breast milk protein allergy, and would need to be switched to hypoallergenic formula, he would not take a bottle. I panicked, but then discovered Comotomo – the nipple is wide (and shaped like a breast) so the baby latches on to it like the breast. The bottle itself is made out of soft silicone, and is squishy, so when the baby touches it it feels like the breast too. After trying too many different bottle brands, I gave him a Comotomo bottle, and he took it from the first feed.

2.  Little Giraffe – What’s not to love about Little Giraffe? It’s one of our favorite luxury baby companies, and anytime we get something from LG, it’s a good day! Nicholas Jet’s favorite (aside from their ultra lux blankets and socks) was the Little Giraffe Plush Bundle that includes a rattle, plush toy, and blanky – it was the perfect all-in-one gift!

3.  Boon Bottle Warmer– This bottle warmer is a lifesaver. Using very little water, it heats bottles at lightening fast speed. And when you have a hungry, crying baby, every second counts! Also, it fits all bottle types – including the wider Comotomo bottles perfectly – unlike other warmers that only accommodate taller, skinnier bottles.

4.  Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper – My son has severe acid reflux and needs to sleep at an incline. I tried a foam wedge under the crib mattress but he would just slide down to the bottom of the incline. The Rock n Play Sleeper has been a lifesaver because I can put him down to sleep in an almost seated position – making him much more comfortable and helping him sleep through the night! And at just $50, that’s worth every penny.

5.  Summer Infant SwaddleMe – It didn’t take long for my little man to become strong enough to bust out of my swaddles using regular swaddle blankets. The Summer SwaddleMe velcro swaddles ensure that his arms and legs stay where they’re supposed to – inside the swaddle! I believe these swaddles (along with my consistent schedule and bedtime routine) are a big reason why my guy sleeps 9-10 straight hours since about two and a half months old. And as a working mom…that’s just priceless.

6.  Belabumbum – Their maternity wear is EVERYTHING. The loungewear is beyond comfortable – so much so, that I still wear it now, even though I’m not pregnant. And their nursing tanks come in a variety of stylish colors – I loved the coral pink and purple. The best part is they don’t look like nursing tanks so they fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. The standard black and white tanks became a staple as they go with absolutely everything – buy several.

7.  Bellybuds® – This prenatal sound system was a special way to bond with my baby before he was born; you can play baby your favorite music or have long-distance relatives record messages via the VoiceShare application. For my mom who lives in Europe, this was invaluable.

8.  Dammit Dolls – A great addition to your hospital bag. My epidural ended up not working properly (every woman’s worst nightmare…well, at least mine), and instead of squeezing my husband’s hand off during my toughest contractions, I gripped this cute doll instead. I might have throw it against the hospital room wall too, but don’t tell anyone that. And an added bonus? It comes in hundreds of fun colors and patterns to match your unique style.

9.  WubbaNub Pacifiers – Nicholas Jet loves the elephant and giraffe soothies best. The plush toy allows him to grip and maneuver the binky the way he wants. What could be better than a pacifier and toy all in one?

10.  Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Pillow – This was my “breast friend” during my breast feeding days, and now that I’m bottle feeding, I use it as a great place for my little man to sit and hang out while we play. The pillow covers from Pottery Barn are luxuriously soft and come in a variety of gorgeous patterns.


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