1. Veronica Bohan says May 28, 2014

    The rock and play sleeper is under a voluntary recall bc of its likelihood to mold. Hundreds of children have been hospitalized by it and I had to send mine back, first they just wanted to replace the moldy cover with a new one that could later mold as well. This product is very unsafe for babies! My son got sick from using it even though we washed it twice a week. There is no cleaning it enough, the product is flawed and molds.

  2. Kate says May 29, 2014

    The recall was back in early 2013 and according to reports, the problem has since been resolved. And from everything else I could find, “hundreds of children” seems to be more like two dozen. Did I miss a source or study in my search? We’re using the product and have had no issues so far…

  3. Cari says May 29, 2014

    We used the Rock N Play after the recall (May 2013-Oct 2013) and had NO issues with mold. The RNP was used daily for 5 months with my DD. We washed the “bedding” parts 1-2 times per week and it worked great for us. I do not think that the mold is still an issue.


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