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Real Moms Favorite Baby Products – Emily

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Today we are featuring real mama, Emily and her sweet son Asher’s favorite baby products. Emily’s list is a good one.  You can just tell she is a savvy mama.  She also happens to have a darling blog all her own, Everything Emily.  Like many of our readers, Emily is a super hero military wife and on a personal note, I so appreciate the sacrifice she and her family make – she is a true supermama in my mind. Without further ado, here are Emily’s favorite products, enjoy!  And if you’d like to share your favorite products, email me for deets.

Hi! I’m Emily a first time mama to a sweet boy named Asher Jude. My husband is enlisted into the Marine Corps so we are forever moving around the US! Currently we live in the heart of the South, but will be moving to the Southern California desert in just a few short weeks. I love to blog, take pictures pictures of my little guy, eat frozen yogurt, and sew! I have followed The Wise Baby for quite some time now and absolutely love all the real mom’s favorite product post! I’m so excited and honored to share with you all a few of my must have baby items! We use these items on almost a daily basis. I highly recommend each one of these items!


1 – Freshly Picked Moccs
Hands down my favorite baby shoes ever! These moccs are so stylish and “kick proof”! They come in a wide variety of colors as well as sizes. I highly recommend these moccs!

2 – Blabla Doll
Best stuffed animal on the face of the Earth. Very easy to wash and so cute. Asher takes his Blabla doll everywhere we go.

3 – HoMedics Sound Machine
I bought 2 different sound machines before this one and they do not compare. This sound machine provides excellent sound features.

4 – Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers
An absolute favorite in our house!

5 – Baby Jogger City Mini GT
Best stroller for a small car. Folds extremely flat, is very lightweight, and steers extremely well! Makes going in tight aisles and spaces much much easier!

6 – Honest Company Healing Balm
Diaper rash does not stand a chance with this balm. It is also great for dry skin!

7 – Little Sapling Toys Baby Teether
Perfect for heavy teethers. We purchased the Missouri teether for Asher since that is mine and my husbands home state.

8 – Medela Swing Breast Pump
This is the perfect pump for a mom who needs a good pump, but isn’t a frequent pumper (if that makes sense). Also has the option for batteries which is perfect for a moving family like myself.

A HUGE thanks to Emily for stopping by to share her favorite products with us and be sure to check out her blog, Everything Emily.  If you are interested in sharing you products, email me for info!


  1. Wendy @ New Moms Talk


    Thank you for the teether rec. We’ll be completely checking it out. Though, I’m not sure which state we’ll choose as we’re moving again, too.

    All the best from a former Navy brat who married a former Navy brat that served 13 years in the Army,


    Posted on June 19, 2013
  2. Jennifer

    I’ve been wavering back in forth about that sound machine glad to see you give it a tumbs up!

    Posted on June 19, 2013

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