1. Julie says September 13, 2015

    Hi Lindsey,
    I love you sharing all of this. I just wish I visited your blog when I had my first baby. But I must also recommend the Boppy you have listed. It is amazing. But another discovery is the Floppy. When my little one was able to sit up and we went to the store it was soooo easy to put in a floppy into the cart and sit them in there.

    Another amazing discovery I made was the Cozy Cover. It is an amazing way to keep your little one warm in winter, especially when the cold wind is blowing. You absolutely have to list the cozy cover on your must have list! I was walking into the hospital for my monthly checkup with my baby in the carrier and I had a light blanket covering the carrier when I say my baby popping her hands and fingers through the blanket into the freezing cold air. No matter how hard I tried she kept putting her little delicate hand out. The Cozy cover has elastic and keeps them inside at all times. It is made of fleece so it is nice and warm when running into the store from the car. You absolutely have to try it.

    Thanks for all the advice and keep on helping moms like me.


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