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We’ve got a wonderful real mama Wednesday for ya, today! Heather has a great line up of products that we don’t see every week and I was so excited to learn about (!  Enjoy her list, I know you will and if you would like to share your favorites, we would most certainly love to have you. You can find all the easy peasy details, here!

My name is Heather and I am a first time mommy to my beloved Harper Mae. I live on the Back Bay in Newport Beach, California where the sun is always shining and the weather is always near perfect. When I found out I was pregnant I became obsessed with all things baby and I scoured anything and everything baby related on the internet – which is how I stumbled upon Wise Baby. I know how overwhelming and exciting pregnancy and motherhood can be, so I hope my list of favorite products help other mommy’s and mommy’s to be!

Real Moms Favorite Baby Products - Heather & Harper1.  The Mommy Hook: This hook is a great stroller accessory to have handy when you don’t have an extra pair of hands while running errands. It can hold a significant amount of bags so you don’t have to overflow the storage underneath your stroller and I like that I can hook my purse to it and not have to worry about someone swiping my purse if I get distracted.

2.  Mushybooks Baby Book: Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about Mushybooks’ baby books. I searched high and low for a baby book that wasn’t cheesy, tacky, or cheap looking. I wanted something sleek and modern, as well as something I would be proud to display. So, when I stumbled upon this mommy-owned shop on Instagram (are you seeing a trend here?) I knew I had found something truly special. There are several unique themes to choose from and none of them are stereotypical blue or pink. Warning – they come with a hefty price tag, but I promise you will be blown away by the quality and design and you will treasure your Mushybook for years and years to come.

3.  “Mama Bear” sweater by Loved By Hannah and Elli: I found this adorable mommy-owned shop on Instagram during a late night feeding and her “Mama Bear” Logo Sweater has quickly become my official mommy uniform. You can pretty much always find me sporting this sweater around town and I wear it proud! It’s super comfy, easy to slip on and off for feedings and stylish enough to wear out in public. You can dress is down with leggings or dress it up with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Its also another great gift to give to new mommas!

4.  Boppy Changing Pad Liners: I bought so many beautiful changing pad covers for Harper’s changing table without realizing…that I’d actually be changing her on those beautiful covers (Rookie mistake!). Accidents happen. A lot. So, these liners are great to throw down on top of those beautiful covers to protect them from messes. They come in a pack of three and are cheap and easy to clean. I keep two in rotation on her changing table and one in my diaper bag in case I need to change her while I’m out and about.

5.  Manhattan Toy Winkel: This is one of Harper’s favorite toys! She’s learning hand-eye coordination and how to open and close her fists, so she loves this toy because it is easy to grab and light enough to hold. It has a rattle, bright colors, lots of fun loops to grab, it’s easy to clean and it keeps her entertained for at least 20 minutes (which is FOREVER in baby time). I also like that it is gender neutral enough to be kept and used for future children. It’s basically the ultimate baby toy!

6.  Viva Labs Organic Coconut Oil: Harper had very dry skin when she was born. Who knew that 10 months on the inside could leave that sweet, silky baby skin dry and peeling? Enter this sweet smelling, ultra soothing and moisturizing coconut oil. It’s safe for baby’s delicate skin and safe for consumption if baby’s fingers find her way into her mouth. Harper also had a mild case of cradle cap, so this oil helped soothe and heal her irritated skin. It’s a pretty large jar and lasts a long time. I find myself using it on myself a lot too!

7.  Mustela PhysiObebe: When babies are born you cant bathe them until their umbilical cord falls off and even after that, their skin is so new that bathing them every day isn’t all that great for their sensitive skin. Mustela’s PhysiObebe is a European no rinse cleansing fluid that is great for those days in between baths. It’s also great to keep on the changing table along with some cotton pads to keep baby’s bottom extra clean after a messy diaper.

8.  Credible Cravings Perinatal Bars: I am a HUGE fan of these organic, whole food bars. They were designed for women to support their nutritional needs before, during, and after pregnancy and were a life saver for me throughout my pregnancy, especially as I travelled to Europe during my first trimester. I packed about a dozen bars in my carryon for the long flights and brought them with me everywhere with me on every tour and excursion so I never missed a beat. Even post pregnancy, as a busy breastfeeding mom, I don’t always have the time (or energy!) to sit down and enjoy a meal. I keep at least a dozen of these bars in my pantry, purse, diaper bag, everywhere! They are an absolute staple in my day to day life and a favorite item of mine to gift to my mommy friends!

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