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Real Moms Favorite Baby Products – Kate + baby!

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Y’all probably remember this pretty lady from sharing her favorite registry picks pre-baby.  Well now her beautiful little lady, Harper is here and she is back sharing her new favorites products.  Kate is a girl after my own heart – a lover of all things 4moms.  Not to mention, I would add most her list to my very own favorites list.  It is such a pleasure to have Kate back today and last but certainly not least lets throw her a big CONGRATS on the arrival of sweet little Harper.

I’m Kate, a new mom to my beautiful 2 month old baby girl, Harper. I’m a third grade teacher and live with my husband in the suburbs in sunny California. I loved contributing to the “real mom” posts when I was pregnant with Harper, and am so glad to be back sharing my favorite products now that she’s finally here! I was a bit obsessed researching baby products while I was pregnant and I loved hearing what other moms found helpful! Here are the products I can’t live without now that Harper is here.


4moms Cleanwater bathtub
I can’t say enough about the 4moms products and this bathtub is one of them. Harper loves bath time. We have a double sink and it was difficult finding a tub that would fit. This bathtub fit perfectly, it even comes with an extra piece to help it fit your sink if you need it. My favorite feature of this tub is the temperature gage. I don’t know about other moms, but trying to get the temperature of the water just right by using my elbow to gage the temp made me nervous with a newborn! What I thought was just right, my husband thought was too hot. With this tub I’m able to get the temperature perfect for my little one, and keep it that way. It turns red and beeps if the water is too hot, green when it’s just right, and blue if it’s too cold. Seriously, that simple. Another great feature is the clean water in and dirty water out feature. I like knowing that she’s not sitting in dirty water and the fresh water is keeping her warm and happy. I love that this also comes with the temperature spout cover for when they are older and in the bathtub!

4moms MamaRoo
My favorite thing about this swing is that it doesn’t take up a ton of room like most other swings do, perfect if you live in a smaller place. It is pricer, but in my opinion, worth it. We started using it from the day we brought her home. While she wouldn’t stay in it for long periods of time when she was first born, now she loves it and even falls asleep in it. It’s got 5 different settings and sounds. Plus, you can plug your ipod into it! Harpie loves country music so I’ll plug in my iphone and play that when she’s in it. She is entranced by the black and white side of the mobile too!

4moms Origami
Finally, a stroller worth the money! This stroller is definitely a must for the tech lover (and even those who aren’t will be converted, I swear!) The biggest draw of this stroller? It’s got a power fold. Yep, turn a nob, push a button and your stroller folds and unfolds. Who doesn’t love that? It’s also pretty compact once it is folded making it easy to fit in the small trunk of my SUV. It’s got an LCD display that tells you the outside temperature, charges your cell phone, how far you’ve traveled, and even the speed you’re walking! It charges itself when you walk so you never have to worry about it running out of battery. If you’re a tech lover, like myself, you will really like “cool” factor of this stroller. My only complaint is the weight, it’s pretty heavy at about 30 pounds but when you’re really only lifting it in and out of your car, it’s not a deal breaker.

I LOVE these washable nursing pads. I tried the disposable ones and they are itchy and you can really see them through your shirt. These bamboo, organic cotton, and help nursing pads are soft, thin, and comfortable. The heart shape cups the shape of your breast so they don’t show through your shirt. They also make thicker overnight pads but by the time I found these my milk was regulated and I didn’t need the thicker ones. I wear these at night and never leak through my bra/shirt. We try to go as green as possible so I like that I can wash and reuse these pads!

aden + anais Burpy Bib
I love the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets (especially the bamboo ones) so I thought I’d give the burpy bibs a try and I love them! The unique shape fits perfectly on my shoulder to keep me clean while burping or just holding Harper. My favorite thing though, is that it doubles as a bib! After Harper eats she tends to spit up and ruin more than one outfit. I started snapping these on her and eliminated changing several outfits! The cute patterns help keep her stylish too.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station
This is a MUST HAVE. Not only can you store your diapers & wipes, but it has a large changing pad and zipper pockets for ointment, keys, credit cards, whatever. The changing pad is big and I like that it’s not just a rectangle. The “T” shape of the pad keeps your baby’s arms from touching whatever you’re changing her on (usually those bathroom changing stations, yuck). Sometimes I’ll just throw this in the bottom of the stroller instead of lugging my diaper bag.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Cream
This stuff was a lifesaver for me! It helps prevent sore, cracked nipples and quickly helps heal ones that are. With this nipple balm (definitely not a cream) you will get the relief you need when your toes are curling from the pain of baby latching on! Also, you don’t need to wash it off when baby feeds, it’s totally natural and safe for babes! I used it as lip balm too =)

We took this pacifier to the hospital with us (these are the same paci’s they use in most hospitals). I really like them because the animal lays flat on the baby’s chest, helping keep the pacifier in their mouth. I also like that when she spits it out, it doesn’t fall to the ground. The little animal keeps it right on her chest. Now that she’s older she’s starting to hold onto it (I could cry from the cuteness!!).

Jacques the Peacock
This is Harper’s favorite toy right now. She loves staring at both the black and white patterned side and colored feathers side. It keeps her entranced for quite a while. I take it with us and attach it to her carseat and she just stares and stares! I love that it has thin feathers allowing her to grab and hold onto the toy easily. Just today she started batting at it while it sat next to her in her crib. The crinkly feathers catch her attention, she loves looking into the mirror, and smiles at the squeaky noise. She definitely keeps herself entertained with this toy. I like all lamaze toys but Harper seems to love this one the most!

Kate, you may only be two months in but your a wise mama.  Thanks again for sharing your fabulous list with us!  And if you’d like to share your favorites, email me for details!


  1. Courtney

    I love Earth Mama Angel Baby products. Their butt balm is my absolute fave. I’ve been wanting to switch from disposable nursing pads to reusable – thanks for the recommendation, I think I will have to try them! Harper is so cute, too – love that hair.

    Posted on August 7, 2013
    • Kate

      Thanks Courtney, we think she’s super cute too! I’m definitely going to have to try the butt balm! I’ve just been using A&D and hate that there is so much “junk” in the ingredients list. Definitely try the Bamboobies, I think you’ll be a lover like me!

      August 7, 2013
  2. Cari

    I LOVE all of these products! The burpy bibs have been a life saver in our house since my little girl has reflux and we cannot live without wubbanubs!

    Posted on August 8, 2013

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