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Real Moms Favorite Baby Products – Laura

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Real mom Wednesday is turning into cute baby Wednesday! How cute is this little guy, Theo?  Theo’s mama, Laura is wise.  She has a great list of products AND a few great tips for all of us.  I love her tip regarding laundry baskets (below her favorite products).  Needless to say, her savviness helps all of us and for that we say, thanks Laura!  If you’d like to share your favorites and advice, email me – I would love to have you!

I am a first time Mom to a wonderfully sweet 8 week old boy, Theo. We live in an urban setting in a multi-level single family home. Our house gives us a nice amount of space, but also has its unique challenges. Mainly, I have to make sure I have some necessities on each level so I don’t have to drag things up and down stairs while I tote Theo around. We are still getting the hang of life with an infant, but as most first time parents do, we are learning as we go! Life with Theo has been a lot of fun and there are a few things that have made it a bit easier along the way…
real-moms-favorite-baby-products-laura-theo1.  Boppy pillow – Theo sleeps in our room, so I keep a boppy in my bedroom for easy nighttime nursing and I also keep one in our family room where we spend a lot of time. The boppy is definitely a must have for nursing, but I also find that visitors feel a bit less anxious about holding a newborn when they use the boppy. I like that you can easily pop it on and off and it’s a nice little spot for Theo to hang in as well.

2.  Graco Pack ‘N Play – We have two Pack N’ Play’s, one in our bedroom and one in our family room. We currently use them as changing stations and to store extra clothing and supplies so we don’t have to search for diapers, an extra outfit, burp cloths or other necessities. I know that in the future they will be great for napping and taking on trips We plan on giving one of the Pack N’ Play’s to Theo’s grandparents once we move him to his nursery.

3.  aden + anais Easy Swaddle – We tried a few swaddle blankets before we found one that we liked. The Aden & Anais Easy Swaddle has snaps, which feel more secure than the velcro that a lot of other swaddle blankets use. We also liked for it’s snug fit without a ton of extra material that can move up around the baby’s face. The soft muslin fabric is an extra bonus, plus you can throw them in the wash with the baby’s clothing because it doesn’t have velcro.

4.  Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer– I don’t know of one new parent who feels comfortable trimming their newborn’s nails! I was very afraid of using a nail clipper on Theo, but his nails were so sharp I knew that I was going to have trim them somehow. The Zoli Buzz B is an electric nail file that makes it virtually impossible to cut your baby. It comes with different file boards for different ages and is very user-friendly. It is a little pricey for a nail trimmer, but it has been a lifesaver for us!

5.  Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame – This is super lightweight stroller frame for our carseat and perfect to keep in the back of the car for errands, short walks, or even if you are just going to grab a quick bite and want to bring the baby along. Theo usually falls asleep in his carseat so I love that I can transfer him easily from the car to the Snap N’ Go without waking him up!

6.  Wubbanubs– Theo loves his Wubanubs! Aside from being cute, the Wubanub is much easier for Theo to keep in his mouth (he actually holds on to the little stuffed animal!) and easier for me to find and put back in his mouth when it falls out. The only thing that is a bit of a pain is that you have to wash it in a small mesh bag in the washing machine, but I use pacifier wipes in between washes. We keep them all over the house!

7.  Cloud b Sleep Sheep on the Go– Theo love soothing white noise and this is great for when we go and visit his grandparents. It easily hooks onto a bassinet, stroller, etc.

8.  Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer– This is nice and small and perfect for when I need to put Theo down for a few minutes. I keep it in the family room and move it around so I can keep my eye on the little guy. He likes the gentle vibration and as he has gotten older, he is more and more interested in the dangling toys.

A few other notes-

I keep a small emergency diaper bag in my car with a few diapers, wipes, and a change of clothing in the event that I forget my diaper bag, or run out of something.

I also recommend having travel sized- hand sanitizer all over the house for visitors or when your carrying your baby but need clean hands!

I’m still in shock with how much laundry comes along with a newborn baby! On a multi-level home, I have found it helpful to keep small wicker laundry baskets on each floor by the changing table so I can easily throw in dirty clothes.

Thanks again Laura, for all your fabulous tips and for sharing cute as a button little Theo with us! xoxo


  1. Cari

    I am ordering one of those nail files right now!!! Trimming my little ones nails has been terrible!

    Posted on November 6, 2013
  2. Ellen

    I love this article. Thank you for the validation! I have had things on both floors of my house since Abby was born. She is 5 months old now. I have the Chicco Caddy as well, and I would be lost without it. She’s about ready to graduate to the next size up seat, and I’m searching for a small stroller. I’ll probably end up with another Chicco. I love their products. Like a TIMEX, they take a lickin and keep on tickin! I wish I would have seen the whubbanub when she was smaller. I think she might be too big for it now. Grandma recently sent a second pack and play so that we could have one on each floor as well. I would also recommend a Fisher Price Rock and Sleep. It saved us during the first 12 weeks, and now it’s great if someone has a stuffy nose, or in the morning to have her bottle while I’m getting ready for work, and allow her to observe what Mom and Dad are doing, all while being strapped in and safe. I also have 3 boppies, one on each floor and one in the car. You never know when you are going to need to have bottle on the road, and to sit down and use the boppy is great. As the baby gets old the Boppy doubles as a support for sitting and chillin..

    Posted on November 6, 2013

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