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Real Moms Favorite Baby Products – Mary Jane

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It is real mom Wednesday and today is a special real moms day because I have the distinct pleasure of knowing this sweet, unbelievably cute boy and his wise mama, Mary Jane.  Mary Jane has some really great picks as well as advice and I am so thankful she is sharing her fab mama skills with us.  So without further ado, here is Mary Jane and Wally who did I mention, may just be the cutest little guy ever (seriously).  If you’d like to share your favorites email me for the simple steps to do so we always need more volunteers!

Hello there Wise Baby readers! I am a new mom to my little man Wally – he’ll be 5 months next week – AH time flies! We live in a big city in a two bedroom condo, so space (& my sanity) is limited. I love these real moms posts – they have been so helpful to me as I buy, try and sometimes end up returning things as I go along. Each week there is a new stage and new things to introduce and there are so many options out there, it’s nice to read about what other moms find useful. I’m excited to share my favs with all of you!


1. KicKee Pants Footie – I LOVE these jammies! A friend gave us a pair and I fell in love. They are so soft, stretchy and breathable. They fit the body really well and they have fleece in the bottom of the footie!

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote – I originally bought a different diaper bag, but after a couple months of carrying it, I realized how bulky and heavy it was, even without stuff in it! My best friend recommended this bag, which actually isn’t a diaper bag, but does a great job! It’s so light and easy to carry, plus it is cute!

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Gym – My best friend told me to buy this play mat and I can’t thank her enough. Wally lives under this thing! It’s entertaining for tummy time because of the colorful print on the fabric, it has lights and songs and a ton of animals for him to grab that rattle, spin and shake. (I do recommend getting additional links so the animals can hang at a reachable distance for babes to chew on them.)

4. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller – This is my favorite and most used item we own. Wally lived in this when he was first born and still does. Mine came with a bassinet addition and that’s where Wally slept for his first 3 months. I’d wheel him in next to my bed at night and wheel it out to go on walks during the day. (Space saving at its finest!). The basket on the bottom is massive and helpful for me when I pick up groceries or run errands all day. The sun shades are fabulous too – I don’t have to use a blanket to shade him, which is a plus because its windy living off a lake (and in the windy city), so I didn’t have to worry about it flying off.

5. Blooming Baby Bath – My only option to bathe Wally is in our kitchen sink and I tried two other tubs and ended up not liking them – one was too slippery and the other didn’t fit in the sink properly. The blooming bath conforms to our sink well and protects Wally’s head from the hard sides and tile. My only gripe about this is , if you don’t dry it immediately and completely after bathing, it can quickly smell of mildew. So dry it ASAP! *If anyone has any suggestions on another kitchen sink tub they like – would LOVE to hear them!

6. Lion Blanket Friend – Wally loves this blanket friend. He is into pulling blankets over his face and playing peek (sans the boo), and with bigger blankets he gets flustered and barried in them, but this guy doesn’t give him any trouble. The lion head is also a great for chewing purposes and easy to hold onto.

7. Little Giraffe Blanket – These blankets are the SOFTEST and COZIEST. They are really warm too, so as soon as I wrap Wally up in it, he’s toasty warm, which helps get him fall asleep!

8. Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing – Ah, the swing. I was so adamant about saving space that I didn’t get a swing at first and looking back I wish I had – it’s a godsend. Wally loves it and mommy loves it. I can get things done around the house while Wally is happily entertained!! The mirror on the mobile is great. I wish the birds were more colorful, but I hang different things from them to mix things up for Wally’s viewing pleasure. The swing can swing forward/backward or side to side and the seat reclines or sits up!

9. Lands End Canvas tote – Wally received a big and a small monogrammed version of this bag and we use them both A LOT. Packing for a weekend trip, going to a play date, beach bag, diaper bag, carry on bag – it’s sturdy and has great pockets that line the inside making it is easy to find things! Highly recommend and a great gift to give!

A big thanks to Mary Jane for sharing her wonderful picks with us!! xo


  1. Dominique

    Oohh I like the suggestion for the the Lands End totes, I like giving gifts that I know will be used, thanks.

    Posted on August 21, 2013
    • Lindsey

      The Lands End totes are awesome Dominique! Eloise was gifted one when she was born and I promptly bought myself one – great price point too!

      August 21, 2013

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