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Real Moms Favorite Baby Products – Sara

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Today’s real mama comes to us from north of the border – Alberta, Canada!  Mama Sara and her sweet little Ivy (love that name) have a great list of favorites.  From gear to teething relief all of Sara’s products are top notch and one’s we’d choose as our favorites too.  Sara has also provided great feedback about each product which we always love – so thank you Sara!  If you would like to share your favorites, email me for the details.  It is fun and easy!

I’m a first time mom to a spirited 8month old daughter Ivy. My husband and I have loved seeing her change and develop into such a little person! We live in a 2 storey house in a suburb of a major city in Alberta, Canada. I thought that I would post some of our favorites that might really interest some of our fellow Canadians! Although I have seen several of my favorites on some of the past real mom’s posts (BOB stroller and Motorola video monitor), I thought that I would share a few new items!

Real Moms Favorite Baby Products - Sara & Ivy

1. Boba 4G Carrier- I knew that I wanted a carrier but waited to purchase one until after Ivy was born. We took her into the store and tried her in every single one that they sold. We found that the Boba was very comfortable for both my husband and I and it isn’t that difficult to adjust between our two different body types. Ivy wasn’t thrilled about not being able to see out when she was younger as she sat lower in the carrier. Now that she’s older, she can see out above the carrier even when facing in and she seems quite content to be in it. It is also able to be worn as a back carrier, but we haven’t tried that feature out yet. The carrier is so handy when shopping in small stores or farmers markets where our big BOB stroller gets in the way.

2. Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags- I predominantly breastfed Ivy but she also would take pumped breastmilk bottles when I was out. I found that the quick clean bags were so quick and easy to sterilize all of my pump parts and bottles. Each bag is reusable for 20 times so they made it a cost and time efficient way to clean everything.

3. Munchkin Dishwasher Basket- I use the steam bags in between when we run our dishwasher. The dishwasher baskets are also helpful for cleaning pump, bottle and sippy cup parts.

4. Jellycat “Dino tails” soft book- We were given this book as a gift and Ivy absolutely loves it! She loves to chew on her books as we read them to her, so this one she can gnaw on all she wants! The tactile tails are fun for her to feel and look at (especially the “shiny tail”)! Jellycat makes a few other “tails” books that are all really cute.

5. Zo-li Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagers and Zoli Munch Flower Silicone Teether- Ivy already has 6 teeth at 8 months old, so we are old pro’s at the teething game. Aside from Tylenol and Advil given frequently, Ivy loves to chew on both of these teethers. The only negative about the flower teether is that it’s clear and we have misplaced it a few times!

6. Kushies Waterproof Bib with Sleeves- Ivy has been on solids for 2-3 months now and loves it… and loves to make a mess with her food! We were using regular plastic bibs which might still come in handy when she has a bit more control over getting the food into her mouth. I discovered these bibs with sleeves and now own multiples! They are amazing at keeping her outfits and sleeves clean! It is now my go to baby gift!

7. Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym- Ivy loved this from about the time she was 2 months old. This was a saving grace for me most mornings, as I would set her under the mat and could enjoy my cup of coffee as she amused herself for 30 minutes or so. We never even put batteries in the sun at the top of the mat but she loved talking to the smiley face on it anyway! All of the toys can be attached to several places on the mat or could be used in her carseat as well.

8. Carter’s 1-piece microfleece Pj’s- We endure some chilly winters in Alberta and cozy pajamas are a necessity. I thought that they would be too hot along with her sleep sack but she sleeps like an angel in them. We absolutely love these during the winter months!

9. SwaddleDesigns Swaddling Blanket- We were given the SwaddleDuo for a gift which contained one gorgeous flannelette swaddling blanket and a lighter marquisette one. We swaddled until she was about 4-5 months and they were the perfect size for swaddling her tightly as she got bigger and squirmier. They even have a tag on each blanket with the directions on how to swaddle, which was really handy for my husband learning how!

10. Evenflo Modern 300 high chair- When I was looking for high chairs, I wanted to find something inexpensive but not an eyesore in the kitchen for years! I ordered several and tried her in them before deciding on the modern high chair from Evenflo. I liked its sleek design and that it was really easy to clean. I also felt that it fit Ivy very well. She is in the 15% for weight so we needed a highchair that we could tighten the straps enough to hold her tightly back in the chair. The tray comes very close to her body to prevent (some) food from falling in her lap. There were reviews that people didn’t like the way that it folded up but since space isn’t a huge issue for us and we use it 3 times a day, we never fold it up anyway.

11. Streamridge Small Wooden Sleigh with Pad – This item is especially for all my fellow Canadians in the snow. We were given this as a Christmas gift for Ivy this year. We love it! We have received a lot of snow this season and sometimes going for walks is tough, even with our BOB stroller. The sleigh is really fun to pull her through the snow as we try to get out every day when the weather is nice. The sleigh is Canadian made, so we know the quality is excellent. We hope to use this in the winter with our future children as well!

12. Dutalier Pico 182 Glider- This definitely gets overlooked when thinking of favorite baby gear. I would have to say that it is probably my number one favorite piece of baby gear. I have spent hours in this chair nursing and rocking Ivy. It is so comfortable and unlike a lot of gliders, it is really nice to look at.

Again, a huge thanks to Sara and sweet little Ivy for sharing their favorites with us!

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