1. Anna says August 5, 2015


    I love your guides, so helpful!

    I am wondering on double strollers. I am expecting my second son in November, and the two will be almost exactly 2 years apart. Do you have any adivce on a City Select vs a City Mini double (GT ot reg)? I would love the City Select (and possibly getting a Bob Duallie down the line), but I am scared my oldest will not fit for long (97% in height and weight).


    1. Mallory says August 5, 2015

      Hi Anna! So glad you find our guides helpful.

      Both strollers are great choices – we love them both. I don’t think you’d have any issues with your older son fitting into the Select for a while, but I’m going to ask our lovely leader Lindsey to weigh in – since she’s been doing the bulk of the testing of both strollers! If you’re looking for reviews of both the Mini + the Select, here are links to those:

      Congratulations on baby boy #2! xo

      1. Anna says August 5, 2015

        Thanks Mallory! If Lindsey has any insight definitely let me know.

        You guys are great!

        1. Lindsey says August 10, 2015

          Hi Anna, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! The City Select does have two different canopy positions so if your older son is taller, you can move up the canopy to give him additional headroom. The seated head height (from waist to top of head) is 21″. The best part about the City Select though is that if/when he does get tall for the seat, you can pop the glider board on and use it as a single seat + board stroller.

          If you are consider the City Mini double, I would go the GT route. You get the extra weight limit = 100 pounds of babies! The wheels are awesome and are great for any terrain.

          If I were you, my biggest consideration would be how long do you think your older son will want to be riding in the stroller? If you think only another year or so (my 3 year old really only likes to ride when she MUST) than the City Select may be your best bang for the buck.

          I love my BOB too and it is the only stroller my 3 year old happily jumps in ALL THE TIME. Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any more questions! xo

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