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With two babies going through teething at the same time, we wanted to be as prepared as possible so that we could (hopefully) make our babies as comfortable as possible. We knew that we wanted to be as natural as possible, but we weren’t opposed to pulling out some infant pain reliever on really bad nights.

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So, when I say that we wanted to be prepared, I mean, we were really prepared. Some may say that we went overboard. Take a look at the supplies we got:


Ok, sure, that is a little much. Still, now I can share with you our thoughts on the different types of toys and supplies.

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Rubber or Silicone Teethers

SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE: Time and time again, I talk to moms about Sophie. No one can quite figure out why our babies are so in love, but they are! We don’t go anywhere without our Sophies (one for each twin). They love to chew on the feet, the nose, the ears, and the antlers. I have even caught them talking to Sophie. They love the rubbery feel and the molded texture of the animal. There is also something so soothing about the smell of Sophie, even right after she gets a bath. Sophie is a winner and a must for any baby.

NATURSUTTEN: I was hesitant about paying $15 at our local store for this, but there was just something that drew me to this teether. I love the jelly-like, semi-sticky feel of the ring, and Audrey and David do as well. This is one of David’s favorites, and I think it is because he likes the different textures on each of the points. It does collect a lot of lint, dust, and hair, so we have to wash it often. Besides that, it is a great item!

COMOTOMO: I have started seeing this item pop up in more stores, and there is a good reason. Audrey immediately slid this on her wrist as a bracelet (what a girly-girl I have), and then proceeded to chew, chew chew. She first started on her front teeth, but pretty soon, she had gotten two of the prongs into her mouth and was chewing on her molars as well. We joke that this is her enlarged engagement ring (just missing the diamond), but it really is a good teether. There are dots on the ends of the prongs that make it more appealing for chewing for our little teethers.

CHEWBEADS: Although I have never been able to wear this as a necklace (Audrey and David would be too distracted and pull it too much), they love having this with their toys. Because it is a necklace, I am very careful about watching them when they chew on this, but they love the shape of this as well. They can both chew at once, each holding an end, and they both can be satisfied. They especially like the oval faceted beads, so I would recommend looking for that version if you are able to.

NUBY CHEWBIES: This looks like a pacifier from the future. It has 4 different sections for different types of chewing. Two parts are rubbery and two are a harder plastic-like feel. David will take this and rotate it around in his hands before attacking it and chewing frantically. I love the versatility of this teether, as well as the price!

CHEEKY CHOMPERS NECKERCHEW: Instead of putting a bib on your drooling baby, it has now become popular to a bandana-like bib for an added touch of style. The Neckerchew by Cheeky Chompers takes that idea one step further and has attached a silicone teether to the tip of their super-soft bandanas. We love it because the teether is always right at Audrey and David’s fingertips, and it catches the extra drool during this period.


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Plastic or Wood Teethers

NOGGINSTIK: I originally bought this as a developmental toy for Audrey and David, but it is the hands-down favorite of all of the items on the list (well, maybe except for Sophie). It keeps their attention because of the rattle and changing colors of the head, they love the different raised textures on the stick and base, and they love to chew on the head and ears as a teether. There is also a mirror at the bottom, but they don’t seem as interested in that as their love of chewing.

PLAN TOYS BUNNY RATTLE: This is our only wooden teether that we own, and that is just because they don’t love it as much as the silicone, rubber, and plastic options. I know that wooden teethers are very popular now (natural, durable, sustainable), and this is an adorable one to start with. Early on, the twins loved to talk to the rabbit, chew on the cloth ears and carrot, and rattle the carrot.

WRISTY BUDDY: Before your baby has the dexterity to move a teether to his mouth, the Wristy Buddy is a great option. You can just slip it on your baby’s wrist, and they can bring their hands up to their mouths and chew. Even now at 8 months old, I find that Audrey and David will find their owl and lion Wristy Buddies in their pile of toys and decide to chew away.


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Cold Teethers

GREEN SPROUTS RING: This is perhaps the most standard of the cold types of teethers. They are inexpensive and easy to clean, freeze, use, and repeat. The biggest negative to any of the kinds that are rings are that for Baby to get comfort, she is going to have to hold the cold ring and chew on it. I know that Audrey didn’t mind this so much, but David didn’t like the cold on his hands. We have a couple of other smaller versions of this (different brands), and they work the same way. On really bad teething days, however, neither baby has cared about cold hands, and they have loved chewing this.

MESH AND SILICONE FEEDERS (BOON PULP SILICONE FEEDER, MUNCHKIN FRESH FOOD FEEDER, MUNCHKIN SILICONE BABY FOOD FEEDER): We like all three of these types of feeders for different reasons, but we have mainly used them with ice chips inside to help with teething. Our peanuts aren’t too fond of cold teethers (except on the worst teething days), so these haven’t been huge hits. Still, we are excited that we have all of them for down the road. I like the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder (made of mesh), because I like the flexibility of it. The twins weren’t too much of a fan at first because of the texture, but they overcame it eventually. While I like the shape of the Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder and how easy it is to get the top off and clean, it was a little difficult for the twins to put their mouths around it and chew. They actually liked chewing on the handle better, which made for a big watery mess. Out of the three, the Munchkin Silicone Baby Food Feeder was great because it had a cap that snapped on, making it easier to prevent the ice chips from melting and soaking everything. I also liked how a little went a long way, and the silicone took the shape of the ice chip. It was a little difficult to open up to clean and stuff with ice, but each time we use it, it gets easier.

MAM MINI COOLER: This teether is like the Green Sprouts Ring in that it also goes in the freezer. It has a plastic handle that doesn’t get cold, however, so that it is more bearable on those sensitive hands. I would have thought that the twins would like the shape of this one, but strangely enough, they seem to prefer the rings to this. I like this one better because of the handle, though, so when I have a choice, I offer them this one instead.

TOOFEZE:The entire handle of this teether is silicone with a stainless steel “button” on both sides. You are supposed to just dip in into ice water, let the stainless steel freeze up, and then offer it to the child. The button retains the cold for a while, and it offers a great cold teether without an hour (or more) of freezing a toy. While the babies were hesitant of this at first, they have really grown to love this. Now, we don’t even need to keep a glass of water handy, as they will chew on the cool button constantly (as well as the silicone handle). They also love admiring themselves in their reflection. What an added bonus!


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Pain Relief Methods

BALTIC AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE: These natural pieces of resin have healing qualities when they meet with the skin. The idea is that the baby will wear the amber necklace as much as possible to provide natural pain relief. I was very hesitant about using this for a long time, but then I started having chronic back and shoulder pains. I started wearing baltic amber on my wrist, and I was amazed to feel the difference on the days that I wore it. It didn’t take away all of the pain, but a good deal of it was less sharp. I figured that if it could help me, it would be great for the babies too. That being said, I only let the babies wear the necklaces when I was directly supervising them, and I took them off at naps, baths, and bedtime. I will say that neither David nor Audrey (who is obsessed with my jewelry) never even knew that they were wearing a necklace, as I kept it under their shirts. I could definitely see a difference in drool and fussiness, and that was just when they wore them at times throughout the day. Sadly, both babies have highly sensitive skin, and we had to stop them wearing them. I’ve had friends say that we could put them around their ankles, but our necklaces were too big to do that without them falling off.

PUNKIN BUTT TEETHING OIL: In an effort to try natural treatments, we opted for Punkin Butt Teething Oil instead of some over-the-counter methods (like Orajel or Hyland’s Teething Tablets). It is a combination of clove, peppermint, and chamomile essential oils. I tried a little bit of it, and it has a slightly bitter taste, followed by a tingly sensation. It doesn’t completely numb your mouth, but it provides relief. We love that we can use it as much as we want throughout the day and night, without any side effects (other than a brief “bitter beer face”). We usually put a bit on our fingers, rub in on their gums, and then give them a hard or cold teether to chew. Works like a charm!

CAMILIA TEETHING RELIEF: If you are looking for a more long-lasting pain relief, I would recommend these single-serving doses. You just twist off the top and squeeze it into the baby’s mouth. This truly has no taste at all, and it has natural ingredients. It also doesn’t have belladonna, which is a controversial ingredient in several other teething remedies. You can give Baby another does after 15 minutes, up to 9 times a day. As an added bonus, Camilia claims to help with upset tummies that can occur as a side effect of teething, and we found that this is definitely true. I love how easy they are to stick a couple in my pocket and take everywhere (I have them hidden in purses, diaper bags, and clutches). The only downfall is that they aren’t the best to use overnight, as David would wake up many times crying in pain because his Camilia dose had worn off.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (mixed with coconut oil): I have recently gotten into using essential oils, and this mixture of 1 tbs coconut oil (as a carrier oil) and 1 drop of lavender essential oil has been a lifesaver. We just put a dab on the upset baby’s jaw, and it is supposed to help them feel less pain. We have used it alongside some other methods (like Camilia and Punkin Butt), so we don’t know how well it works on its own, but I can tell that overall we get a much calmer baby after a few minutes.

INFANT PAIN RELIEVER: On the nights when we knew that David just needed a good night of sleep, we caved in and gave him a dose of infant pain reliever. While it wasn’t our preferred method of dealing with the pain, we knew that it would take care of it. Sometimes we felt that a well-rested baby was as important as trying to go with natural and safer alternatives.


For further articles, check out The Wise Baby’s Teething Survival Tips and Best Baby Teethers.

The Wise Baby recommends that you use many of these items cautiously, especially a baltic amber teething necklace. As with any product, adult supervision and your best judgement should be used when deciding whether or not to try alternative methods.


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