1. Amber R. says October 15, 2014

    Too funny! I had a baby in April and needed new jeans, so Sunday I went to J. Crew & bought toothpick jeans. Never thought I’d own skinny jeans, but they’re perfect!

  2. Cal says October 15, 2014

    So does anyone have any suggestions that aren’t skinny jeans? They do not work on my body AT ALL-and this is after years of trying them.

  3. Kari says October 15, 2014

    Yes! I cannot wait to try some new jeans once baby girl arrives next month!!!

  4. Shira says October 15, 2014

    I am a huge fan of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans! They fit so well, and you usually buy them a size SMALLER than your normal size – SCORE!

  5. Kirby says October 15, 2014

    Loved this! Definitely going to try out the JCrew toothpick jeans!

  6. Linnea says October 15, 2014

    The JCrew Toothpicks are by far my favorites too! I actually said that to the girl at JCrew when I bought them. “Well…I’m a mom, so I need to be able to move in them!” Great post!

  7. Brittany says October 15, 2014

    When I bough by J. Crew Jeans I loved them. They were super soft and fit great. 3 weeks later they literally fell apart. They split on the inseam but not on the stitching! The material just wore away. Thinking maybe it was just a manufacture error, I returned them and bough another pair. the exact same thing happened. I never bought another pair 🙁 I bought a pair of Guess Jeans instead and they have held up really well and were only $40.00!

  8. Jackie says October 16, 2014

    I just bought the Brook jeans from Lucky Brand – they are a really soft/stretchy mid-rise jean, and they come in skinny, bootcut, and legging! Tempted to get a black pair as well!! Right now they have 30% off, but if you sign up for their emails you often get other coupons as well. Happy shopping, ladies!!

  9. Mallory says October 16, 2014

    I’m SO excited about this post! I’ve been hating my jeans lately, and ordering, and returning, every pair of jeans I can find that looks good online. I haven’t tried J.Crew yet though! Totally ordering these tonight. Thanks Lindsey!!

    (PS Target has the Levi Denizen line that I actually really like for a casual pair of jeans! I didn’t love the dark wash, but the medium blue is still a favorite of mine.)

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