1. Betty says September 21, 2012

    Oh my goodnes……Eloise is just delicious!!!!! I would not get anything done all day….I would just be playing and kissing her all day long!!!! Keep those Eloise updates coming!!!

  2. Nicole F says September 26, 2012

    Your little Eloise is adorable!! Love her name too.
    My son seemed to be very off & on with the swing & never really enjoyed the infant seats. Once he was around 5-6 months old he would try to squirm out of the swing & it made me way too nervous to use it.
    I really wanted to like the Boppy pillow for nursing but the MyBrestFriend pillow worked SO much better. I still use it for nursing & my son is a year old! We ended up using Boppy for the same thing it sounds like you do, those fun chats & learning to sit on the floor.

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