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UPPAbaby Vista Review

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I have regretted MANY baby purchases. I got the most modern bouncy seat that would blend with our furniture, the most earth mama wrap carrier, and went through countless diaper bags. These are all collecting dust in our storage unit now. I knew that with a big purchase like a stroller, I had to get it right. I researched, got in store demonstrations and test drove many many strollers. Through this process, I came up with my three MUSTS for a stroller 1) I wanted a seat with rear facing capabilities 2) It was important that the stroller would grow with our family 3) most importantly, the stroller had to be easy to collapse. The UPPAbaby Vista was the best fit for our family based on these requirements.

The Basics:

UPPAbaby Vista Review

The UPPAbaby Vista is a convertible travel system that grows with your family from one to three children. The stroller comes with a toddler seat and bassinet. Car seat adapters are available for purchase for Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego or Maxi-Cosi infant car seats. The true weight of the VISTA (seat and frame) is 25.5 lbs.

The Highlights:

It’s so nice that the bassinet is included with the stroller. The VISTA toddler seat is suitable for children 3 Months and up. Until then, the options are the bassinet or the car seat. My son Harrison hated the car seat and this was a great alternative for us. The mattress is vented and safe for overnight sleeping. UPPAbaby offers a bassinet stand which can later be converted to a laundry hamper. One other bonus worth mentioning is all of the functions of the Vista – check them out in our best of multifunctional baby products post.

The VISTA comes with a full size toddler seat (for children 3 months through 50 lbs) that has rear and forward facing capabilities. It also reclines 180 degrees with one hand from totally upright to fully reclined. The handlebars also adjust to accommodate for height. The canopy on the seat and bassinet are extendable and SPF 50.

A HUGE perk of the stroller is the enormous basket! We have gone on major shopping trips and it gets our full approval. It accommodates all the bags for a weeks worth of groceries for us. The VISTA also has a “floating arch ‘no kick’ rear axle” which avoids the feeling that you are stepping on someones heels.

It is right around this time of year every winter when the snow melts just enough to uncover the millions of potholes on our roads. It also means that our sidewalks turn into the Rockies. I knew that no ordinary stroller could handle this sort of terrain. The VISTA comes with smooth rolling “no flat” foam wheels and shock absorbing front and rear suspension. This is our second winter with the VISTA and it handles extremely well!

What made this our top choice of stroller is the one step fold, with or without the seat attached. We live at the top of a three flat walk up, which requires me to keep the stroller in the trunk of our car. I load and unload the stroller from my car multiple times a day and could not be happier with how easy it has been to collapse. I tested every stroller six months pregnant in the store and the VISTA was the easiest to fold down. I highly highly recommend practicing folding your stroller and putting it in your trunk before you purchase.

These strollers are an investment and I wanted one that would grow with our family. The VISTA does convert into a double in-line stroller with the purchase of the Rumble Seat. You can use the Rumble seat in conjunction with the toddler seat or a car seat. The Rumble is safe for kids 6 months through 35 lbs. You can also purchase the PiggyBack ride along board to convert the VISTA into a triple stroller.

Low Lights:

Although the VISTA is a double stroller, it is not an option for families with twins because the Rumble seat only accommodates children 6 months of age and up. I’m a little disappointed that the Rumble Seat can only be rear facing, but Im just nitpicking here.

All in all, we have been with the VISTA for 18 months now and I can honestly say that there is no better stroller for our family. It’s sturdy enough to handle the bumpy sidewalks but I can still maneuver my way through a small city boutique with no problem. We could not be more satisfied with our purchase!


  1. Nadia

    I love the vista! My onllyyyy complaint is that it tends to be a bit bulkier than the bugaboo chameleon but the bugaboo has almost all the same features– just lower.

    I also think the wave of popularity has hit yet and part of me feels like if I’m spending 700 bucks, people better know about this stroller :-p (joking, a little) haha

    I didn’t really use the bassinet so I regret that too

    I returned the stokke for the vista and happy I did because of the storage…

    I’m a bag lady! If you’re okay with it being bulky, it’s a reliable stroller!

    Posted on February 28, 2014
  2. Jackie

    Is this stroller REALLY worth over $700? I almost had a heart attack when I bought my BOB, and that was half of this price. That being said, the BOB is great for running and rugged terrain but not as compact for shopping/malls. I’d consider getting something to better suit those trips, but I’m having a hard time justifying the spend on this one?

    Posted on February 28, 2014
  3. Nika

    I love my Uppababy vista. The only problem I have with it is that I have the 2012 model and I wish it was same weight, and the toddler seat was as big as 2010/2011 models. It is kinda heavy and my daughter is 16months and the seat is kinda smaller then the older model. So I feel like soon she wont fit anymore, and that kinda sucks because the stroller is pricey and I do wish to use it for longer then 18months if I pay that kinda money. Other then that I do love the stroller. I also have the G-luxe and I guess after winter I will have to switch over to it, and let my Vista go

    Posted on February 28, 2014
  4. Jordan

    I LOVE the Vista! I think it is possibly the perfect stroller for many people. But we just have no use for the bassinet and because of that I couldn’t justify the price. I seriously considered the Uppababy Cruz but I just didn’t love it like I love the Vista. We actually went with the baby jogger city Versa in the end and I’m happy with that decision :)

    Posted on February 28, 2014
  5. Emily Adams

    We are 8 months in and used the bassinet for 6 months before switching to the seat. Also, we have a cybex car seat and one of the adapters work for it (I don’t remember which…google it if you want to know). I do not regret spending the money (and it was a lot of money for us…!), i saw my friends purchasing cheaper strollers and having to replace them every year. I’d rather get one nice one that strolls like butter than spend the same amount (after multiple replacements) on crappy strollers. I’ve converted many friends who thought we were ridiculous for spending the money after just pushing ours.
    The bob is great for jogging, I’d never want it as my primary stroller. If you can only afford one (like me) pick which you would use more. I always see bob’s on Craigslist….I think a lot of people but them either thinking they’ll have all kinds of time and energy to exercise after baby comes, hahahaha, or they realize it’s not good for everyday and car trunks. Just my experience.

    Posted on March 1, 2014
  6. April

    Doesn’t the handle bar rest on the floor when standing? I live in Boston and about this time of year, thinking about putting my hands on a soggy, sandy, salty bar is not appealing. Even the floor of my garage is filthy from all that comes with winter. Did u have a problem with this?

    Posted on March 3, 2014
  7. anonymous

    if most important requirement of OP is that the stroller be easy to collapse I’m confused why anyone would choose the Vista. We just checked out two of them at the store today and they had the worst collapsibility of any of the strollers we were looking at. Having to push a tab to depress a button on the handle while then pulling a button on the handle and pushing it down is beyond idiotic. Supposedly the 2015 model is going to the same mechanism as the Cruz which is definitely better. Babyjogger is still easier—only need one hand, just lift and it’s done. I really liked the Vista for most of it’s features but the collapse mechanics and he stupid bar in the under basket just make me want to smack whoever designed this thing. It’s like they made so many good parts and decisions on the design and then went “worst in class” with a couple of key features. We were very disappointed.

    Posted on January 4, 2015


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