What to Pack – Diaper Bag Edition 9

What to Pack – Diaper Bag Edition

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The Diaper Bag.  The ultimate “must have” mom accessory.  But what to pack?  We’ve included the essentials along with some of our favorite products.  From a diaper perspective, experts say to pack one for every hour you are out and about and throw in a few extra for good measure.  We start with a super chic, Kate Spade bag that is extra roomy and comes with a changing pad.  We’ve filled it with entertainment options, snacks, a change of clothes or two, a shirt for mom (just in case) and of course, the essentials.  You’ll find a complete packing list below.  What did we forget?  What is your diaper bag must have?

Packing List

– Roomy diaper bag
– Changing pad
– Diapers: 1/ hour + extras
– Travel wipes
– Diaper cream
– Antibacterial germ wipes
Diaper disposal + dispenser
– Hand sanitizer
– Baby sunblock (seasonal)

Entertainment + Feeding
– A few toys (Sophie the Giraffe, Owl Toy)
– 2-3 Pacifiers and/or a Wubbanub
– 2-3 Bottles
– Formula (if using)
– Nursing cover (if necessary)
– Munchkin Snack Cup(s) filled with your baby’s favorite snacks
Tinydiner placemat

Comfort + Clothing 
– 1-2 onesies
– 1 change of clothes
– Swaddle Blanket
– Baby’s favorite blanket (depending on season)
– 1-2 bibs and/or burp cloths
– An extra t-shirt for yourself


  1. Katie

    Great list!! I am printing this out and keeping in my bag so I don’t forget anything!!! Thanks Wise Baby!

    Posted on June 20, 2012
  2. Robyn

    what a great list of all the essentials…….LOVE the Kate Spade diaper bag……every mother to be and new moms need to have this check list!!! GREAT info

    Posted on June 20, 2012
  3. Lindsey Langley

    Hey Linds, I also carry the American Red Cross mini first aid kit! It’s small, has the essentials, and weighs next to nothing! Inexpensive at target! Oh, and infant Tylenol! You never know :)

    Posted on January 19, 2013
  4. Nattawat

    We love Carter’s, it always cute and welovebabyclothes.com

    Posted on February 13, 2015


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